Here a 2 day experience with TMQ is illustrated ...

DAY 21/28

The Code as i, Kin22 - IXwave9 - MULUC1, cooperated this with Team2 , DS100 & DS116 (merged vibration 216), including myself KIN238 (mystery mirror4 at "self-exciting state") merged this :

dear kin abroad & nearby, me is given the opportunity to set free a reading inspired from the great teachings of Valum Votan, Bolon Ik & Red Queen - set free on many sites as as we know, tortuga and the many followers in excite state of shifting homo sapiens sapiens into the premise we neared so longing as it does at each temple governing "its mystery".

too many stories to narrate here dense into a most simple statement by some vibrations that - i call on that state of awareness - might open on the slogan "... and (K)now for something completely different". This lent from a humoresk team labeled as "monty python flying circus" ... and we all might sense the true spirit in the laughing focusing deeper truths as radiating hope ... They showed a Tree after there Slogan and that is "The Larch!" ...

"self-existing seed by The Larch Humor"

The recent 8 TMQ days announced this o'22 delivery from U'R Bolon Ik Aligned Fellower of the Ring ...

And it illustrates that end December a Kin100 created a NING-space to group with 5 human kin in a formation of a "HAND" where i seem to play the "THUMB".

We are at the last kweak of MOON8 and we at kweak allow ourselves to be 3 KIN ahead of the DreamSpell as Pionears offer themselves to the Other Pionears ... Amateurs with Radiation at the Internal Whole.

let us first recall the 12th crystal tone card ...

~ ~ ~
CRYSTAL T ONE of Cooperation
Ninth Chamber
Cooperation of Form
Round Table Meets
Past Action Formalized
Future Action

Triangle binds 4 - 8 - 12


So this day and the next day we start with the Kweak meditation of the Current Day as it is (see how to cope with the "new thing as thinkers pleasure")

Cab'INears center(R)a KWEAK pattern
:: 2nd MooN in KweakClassPract'ice ::
} initiation procession {
~ toDaya – SATURday february 27, 2010
– (is KweakWise ...)
SUNbird - 0&9 type kweakyear -
zeroG'round DRAGON 001 year
HAWK :: GALACTIC MOON 8 ~ integrity theme o'22
VOID~kweak 3/3 also (=KWEAK SUB GROUP 3.2)

FAdaya ~ NESSdaya ~ KINdaya

(its L*ST CHORD SOUND arousal)
))) ~ G A M M A Y A ~ (((

Rotated L - symbol :: double spine cooperation into vision ~
cooperate Sound & Rhythm into MELODY aka HARMONIQ
} DreamSpell ~ LongCounT ~ 3Kweak {
AHAU12 ~ EB3 ~ EB2
220 ~ 172 ~ 392 (=132)
T’one :: 17 ~ 4 -> mystery self-exciting (!)
sun(20) - human(12) - human(12)
double human enlightenment synchronization
} pivotal hunab'ku exertion {
(AHA erlebnis at a holyday celebration daya)


(s'ilence :: some minutes hear, pls)


{: here the usual TMQ arises or is pointered }:


Here the Delivered Contribution from Team2 handling Moon8Day21:

By our wonder twin powers combined,
this is our simple transmission for Galactic 21.
Two as One that is US, all the Wu Wei Home.

"... from it all I have learned
that there is no religious revelation more satisfying
than the hard won fruits of simple understanding.
And there is no liberation to compare
with freeing oneself from the illusions
and delusions of the age in which one lives."

Terrence McKenna, The Oversoul as Saucer


(note the length of the clip: 2.09 aka 2nd wave IX mobilizer 9 => kin022 => "u'r captain speaking" )

I, o'22, add the KIN of Terence ... KIN002

White Wind (IK) Communicates and empasizes Spirit

And his passing occured on SERPENT11 - KIN245 ::
"I am a polar kin I transport the red galactic spectrum"


lets end this contribution grateful expressed from our IN-community study group also IN-formed by practices in a kweak cab'IN (caban in-formation-open "nooGrid")

let us bridGee


By the way: in the LongCountMap this 22 is 220 , "a Galactive Actication Portal" by fractal at 10 and 22; also 11 and 20.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~day 22~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is the last day of the 16 (9+7 or 7+9) cube serial.
As we happened to experience a total alternative vibration yesterday - number 9 in the series of 10 (solar T'one) - i - kin022 in Dreamspell - facilitate the contribution of my 1st team. KIN069 and KIN128 merge on KIN197 - Lunar Earth GAP. With them my 22 merges into KIN219 - a working day with TMQ on 21/22. 10 - Planetary - associates to manifestation (as TUTORs DO)

let us first recall the 13th crystal tone card ...
and lets take our place looking to "one tree" in an environment as here

"the Larch!"

:{ ... and now somethin"k" completely different }:

~ ~ ~
Cosmic Gate
Take Magic Flight
Magnetic Return

8/4/2 Triangles binds 1 - 5 - 9 - 13 in a HarmoniQ


Cab'INears center(R)a KWEAK pattern :: 2nd MooN in KweakClassPract'ice(on a public day to inform on group acts)

} initiation procession {
~ toDaya – SUNday february 28, 2010 –
(is KweakWise ...)
SUNbird - 0/9 type kweakyear - zeroG'round
HAWK :: GALACTIC MOON 8 ~ integrity
VOID~kweak 3/3 also KWEAK SUB GROUP 3.3
WINDdaya ~ SIRdaya ~ SOULdaya

its SOUND ))) ~ S I L I O H M ~ (((
}} turn SILIO around and it vibrates: "OIL IS" {{
RED WAVES SYMBOL :: frequency & amplitude energetic base ~
fuses the fields power as nutrition
} DreamSpell ~ LongCounT ~ 3Kweak {
221 ~ 173 ~ 394 (134)
T’one :: 21 ~ 8 -> vibrates lemniscate & infinitygiving birth to a fruit carried on for so long into deliverance
} love , life attractor & choice giver {

( take your time and not'ice )

here the TMQ of the DAY appears!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{

The Special cooperation with the Team1, day22 - gives:


The Code Spell for today is: “I Endure in order to Nurture. Transcending Being, I seal the Input of Birth with the Cosmic Tone of Presence. I am guided by the power of Life Force.”

Seal 1 Dragon

Guiding Power Red Serpent, Antipode Blue Monkey, Occult Yellow Magnetic Sun, Analog White Mirror

Last day of the Red Moon Wavespell, last day of the Gregorian month.

40 days until a New Galactic Spin

New Jerusalem 1.872.000 16th Day of Cube Journey
} 022: yesterday i received this link on the Jerusalem Project - Geometry and Gematria {

card 22: cube 16 - Divine Source Telektonon "Instinctual Consciousness"
Revelations Chapter 22
Cube sixteen : Intelligence
Pick up the thread of Bolon Ik's 9th weaving.
New Jerusalem as the crown of divine intelligence worn by every human.
"By my instinctual conscious warrior power of intelligence, may i help bring all of humanity to the new Jerusalem of universal life"

"By the power of the cube may peace prevail"...

the last we as kweaky ones might transform into ...
"By the power of the trinity ~ cube, sphere, triangle ~ may peace prevail"

Kin 221 is the Galactic Signature of Mark Knopfler, lead singer/songwriter and guitarist of the British group Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler’s Solar Birthday is August 12, which he shares with Madame Blavatsky. He is credited with writing the musical score for the film ‘The Princess Bride’, one of my -KIN128 (STAR11-midcolumn7)- all-time favourite movies in part because of this signature line of the faithful hero Wesley and his ‘true love’ the Princess Buttercup: “As you wish…”.

Also sharing this Kin: Martin Van Buren, 8th President of the United States (first ‘ethnic’ President, Dutch-speaking) and Dolly Parton.

Neil Diamond is KIN221 and brought us "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" - as here a menu. - see to ODYSSEE : a long series of wanderings or adventures, esp. when filled with notable experiences, hardships, etc.

~~~ * ~~~

We've come to the edge of another trinity in the Tzolkin next to 111 : 222 the start of WindSpirit Thumbling wave ... in the Self-Exciting Seedling Marked Year , occult side of the medal prepared by Electric Night (DooT2009), KIN number 3 (kin3 - seal 3 - tone 3).

(mark 333 is occult in kin073 -Galactic Skywalker- subtracting 260)

Actual News Trigger is this one on an Iceberg as big as Luxembourg;
how radiating its code B9b : sounding
))) ~ Bee 9 bee ~ ((

On Nature & Authentic Responding this: "It may seem strange to some man, that has not well weighed theses things; that nature should thus dissociate, and tender men apt to invade, and destroy one another: and he may therefore, not trusting to this inference, made by the passions, desire to have the same confirmed by experience. ~ Thomas Hobbes-Leviathan. "

Finishing this 10 day experience , i'ld say we learned a lot by acting and communicating in an open sphere of mutual trust. The origin worksheet is here.

Lets see to the result as a "sign o'the Times" ... "that are changing so vast and overwhelming" ~ but then we accept our roll at the dice ... as Charles Bukowski said "even a tin of sardines can be opened elegantly in style" (is there a key?)