Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume VII (2010/11 – Tzolkin – Red Overtone Moon year)

Note: Volume VII is written in the Red Overtone Moon year (2010/11)
Previous volume textures are put here … ; Doing a thing & Learning by doing how things fit together … 2Gether

Chapter 13 – Synthesis – Number 7 – VII - /** & **\

(Volume I – page 242)

”The resonant informative power is
the sum of the mathematical structure by which the content is placed in each volume.
This is the “psychoactive ingredient” of Cosmic History working on the mind,
and at the same time creating feedback with the noosphere itself.
In this context, the noosphere can be understood as
the entirety of the capacitating structures of knowing that constitute the whole of Cosmic History in its potential state.

As your mind becomes reorganized and reformulated by Cosmic History,
its vibratory resonance hits different capacitators in the noosphere,
which are the potentiated agents of power
that interact with the different human mind molecules
to create a greater and greater type of psychoactive agitation.
The more your mind becomes imbued with the informative resonant power of Cosmic History,
the more it becomes a reflection of the primal chronicle of seven.“