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from Volume VII (20010/11 – Tzolkin – Red Overtone Moon )

Chapter 13 – Overview of the SEVEN VOLUMES - Volume I – page 257

Volume VII: Book of the Cube
Synthesis of the Relative and the Absolute (Spring, 2011)
Synchronic Order and the Cube of Creation: Evolution into the Noosphere

Once there is a transcedence then can come an understanding of the return to the origin.

In the story of creation, the cube represents the divine origin.

The first stage of creation creates the top of the cube,
the second stage of creation creates the bottm of the cube,
the third stage of creation creates the front of the cube,
the fourth stage of creation, creates the back of the cube,
the fifth stage of creation creates the right side of the cube
… and the sixth stage of creation creates the left side of the cube.

You can see then when you look at creation in this way
that the first two stages create the top Heaven and the bottom earth.
Life is what happens between Heaven and Earth.
The front and back create the primary orientation of spirit (forward and beheind)
and the right and left create will, the capacity to create or evolve.

In this sense, the cube represents the six stages of creation.
The center of the cube is were the throne is actually located.
:{GGvoter : imagine this is the mind potential in creating a sphere …
where the cube transforms to the spheric planetary, ever-dynamic and spiraling human attraction}:

…When we understand the principles of divine science, then we can perform ceremonial magick.

… The book of the Cube will help make all this manifest while returning us to the original matrix of creation.
The Cosmic History Chronicle will be complete.
In closing, the cycle will regenerate itself.