Rounding and living a lifecycle,
in a time of living?!

:{ STEP I: this page is ONE topic out of SEVEN in a dialogue; this topic reflects upper line as theme}:

  • time is as a cycle, which invites communication of life arts and accomplishments;
  • the life as a whole is as one moment of being, of reality ...
  • a baby revives the remembrance of ones own moment of birth, and all moments inbetween now and then ..., a binding thought with this particular, vulnarable baby ;-)
  • this will never seem much different as described here, and yet, life is full of fun! Together with many other ones?!


The fact that a baby of toddler is not voting, needs no further arguments ... as a mutual understanding they need caring and attention on their first steps in life ... . The fact that the eldest generations are not participant in the voting circuit needs some arguments. Till GBM you were on a taskforce schedule, a kind of program, of the system to fill up your vote account. This is not the case living the new, proposed, steering paradigm.

Here is the pivoting thought that the eldest participated all their life in community under a modernized democracy ‘) with the latter generations. While the goal of the system is living to gether, GBM trusts this thought as a driving force in practising the trust. Younger generations will be open and generous to the eldest, if it were just for the reason they can imagine their state of presence as the eldest generation on the piramide. This idea is a result of the practise ... living to-gether in freedom.

’) GGvoter underlines the thought that democracies with the voting system “oneMan-oneVote” are in a program of the mediated slogan “the Winner takes it All”, which is actually not a systemic wish for people who want to live together in a society. A kind of society which recognizes and appeals for individual talents to synergize, that is a system requirement which GeneratioBindingMatrix calls for, as a serious argument in a Economy where everybody counts (a potential valuable creature).

When in respect to those aspects contra and/or supporting arguments/textures are delivered contributing the dialogue essentials,
… please come in … ; our team will promote your perceptions in the spotlight you wish.