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"be precise? Choose one of 9 to 8 points - 72 choices ..."
"accept the choice given for this momenT?"
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LaW of TiME ::**:: PSI * ME * NU

combines vertical de/cryption and horizontal de/cryption as S'ilence Shamanic Tool

here i, globalgeniusvoter , came to the following set-up to understand the 2 different gears that combine and stimulate one another to germinate an "electric" 3rd one ... (interaction):

Patience - Power :: Knowledge - Humility


Knowledge - Humility :: Patience - Power


How do i understand those two "sequences" ...?

Let me see for a sense:

"By being at Peace i communicate Patience which catalyzes my body to do just that which is resonating to my bodymind as my contribution which shows when i emPower myself which initiates a workaround (18 days) to achieve the Knowledge; which shows of with the Outcome of my Act (which does make me feel a Humiliate Being with the Well)"

the other Sense may be:

"I live, have to eat and feed my relatives and am known for my Knowledge in the community which brings me in some Humility Act to ask the community to give me the Work that makes me serve them and myself/my purpose; spending my Patience in my Workaround and the Quality that comes to that it delivers me the Power of the seeds for exchange (money?)."


After some contemplation ... it gives me - being a man - the perception the Knowledge - Humility :: Patience - Power comes first and results in the other one : Patience - Power :: Knowledge - Humility

To make this work i seek and have found a partner who residfes on the other chemic grounds: Patience - Power :: Knowledge - Humility as the Lived by Feminine Esteem and then the other one as Result: Knowledge - Humility :: Patience - Power

The Third way - as an aphrodites child - may be to exchange gears every now and then because of the habit to have some knowledge when and why to apply those gears in co-operation with the other one - not definitely depending on - but rather interdependent to the mission at stage ... in co-operation.

;-) february 14, 2008 :: Yellowww Planetary WWWarrior :: Yellow Star Weaving

"BUT then Another Vision Struck my mind ..."

"So how to cope with those different Maps, dear S'ace" someone asks ~ which is very valid ...

"Well, you might say the Maya had about 17 different calendars / cycle-maps to interconnect cosmic health into their cultivation ... . Such a thing/k might be valid here to in order to guide / convey inner journeys in their monad sensations. Maybe the first one was given from colours and aura's ~ someone might come up with a clue. The last one was first given by 5+1 flower chakra's by a pleiadian writer and i accepted them right away because they sort of bridged fingers and toes at once / in an instance channeling revelations. The other one was found by deeper knowledge on the cube meditation, known in RINRI spheres (healing of Japanese recovering from Hiroshima/Nagasaki) and the Rainbowbridge revolts. As you see the earth anchors are based on 8 points and a traveling agent , number 9 (the red bull as ball). Number 8 and 9 were given a few months ago as essentials to understand 8 as the inner child and 9 as the pioneering messages from each nomad alive."

After a while contemplating the different perceptions ...

one might say the first one is from outer galaxy ... interconnecting cosmos ...

Then the latter is digesting the galaxy and gaya into "Galaxya" ...

Well a proposal to point at this "holon" ... ;-)

Galaxya includes Gaya ... or other wise articulated:

"lax" is inserted into "Gaya"

(in the Fools OverT'ure this gives a numeric equation)

Let us see for Gaya :: 7 1 2 1 => 11 (2)

Galaxy :: 7 1 12 1 3 2 => 26 (8)

Galaxya :: 7 1 12 1 3 2 1 => 27 (9)

here this somehow confirms number 9 and 8 clues narrated in the story above ( how spontaneous can i/webees : )

(and 27 confirms the Quetzalcoatl role around the bout)

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