What is the crucial new aspect brought in the election system / paradigmentale catalyzer <a href=http://www.globalgeniusvoter.com/psimenu.html>Generation Binding S’ilence</a>

"What is the pattern that connects?"

Interviewer: What is the crucial new aspect in the election system Generation Binding S’ilence?

Well, there are several new aspects that propagate the functionality of this election system of a whole.
Let us identify some of them in order to draft the context where i wanna pointer the crucial one:

· In stead of one point / vote per single voter pointing to 1 votee,
the system relies on an age-based distribution equalizer for all participants:
all types (children, elderly), all levels (voter, votee), all stages (generation phases).
This is (said to be) enlivening the educational existence of
the telepathical ') impulse within the people as a whole.

') telepathical is both meta-psychological and (funda)mentally

· In the local event children of 8 years old are stepping into the crowd of voters;
whereas they enter the national core when they are 15 ears of age

· When an individual gets older than 50 years of age
s/he gets less voting points as a budget in the physical voting core.

· People can change their submission
whenever they get the impulse to do so
(educating by refining their choice, citizen driven decision);

· Each individual can chance
from being a voter to offering oneselve as a votee
- and vice versa.

Beware of the rule that
the votee is budget free (zero points in the election campaign/competition)

Here I did not specify the crucial new aspect,
which, as i experience it, is the fact that an elder is/may be
dissolving from the political accountable and systemic core as a rule.
So his budget descents from 100 via 80, 60, 40 and 20 to 0 points to submit in the election campaign.

What connects the crab nebula in the sky

with the genes of a crawfish on earth

or the genes in our body?

Interviewer: How can this be understood?

Human being is focused by the systemic within the old paradigm, as i may say so, One Man One Vote,
on the physical effect on the politicians race for governmental settlement.
And history recalls that the mental, the psychological or the educative relational effect
is even more speaking for the level of humanity
that an individual and thereby her/his society
grows on in any quality level implicating civilization commons.

Here the GBS systemic promotes each individual
to value the stage of any individual in whatever phase of life s/he is in.
And thereby value its own responsibility in the phase at any moment.

Concluding : So you, globalgeniusvoter avatar – S’ ace, say the differences brought in by electionspoints and the relative of the age generationwise
enlivens the quality of both voters aware of the choices
they make as well as the votees for their experience on the integrity quality level?

Exactly ! To the voter the focus is from the consumer side based on
equality-effects and from the citizen, participatory ( entrepreneur ) side
pointed towards/addressing the integrity sphere practiced by its supported votees in
the active, feedbacking in itself, production side at the democratic constitution.

Hereby I lay down a system that challenges
each human for the best interactive citizenship which
sets everyone on fire, through water, at earth, in the air, trans ether … saying it from an elementary perspective

We can do it !!! To Gather

imagine this figure representing all human beings attracted by democracy and orienting on that oneness of portals ...