Dear Fellow Human Opposite Gender,

Dear Fellow Human Opposite Gender (“Triaka”),

on your "Cooperation yes, Compulsion no" iresponded some weeks ago with the entity "SYNPULSION" ... which insome way was asked in a focus by "AMADEUS".
So i will explain more detailed below the nextFormulation:

"Theworld's Brightest Future is in cooperatively Protectingand Balancing the Inherent, Innate, Ingrained, Instinctive, Intuitive, andInalienable Natural Freewill Rights of each member of our One Human Family,including the Right to dissociate from any Principle, Policy, Program,Practice, or Person. As your Natural Rights are Protected,so
is all Life and the Planet Protected."

And i Sense this as a fine Articulation apart from being aFormulation. Explain: Formulation is a Masculine Hemisphere phenomenon andArticulation is a more Feminine Hemisphere Quality germinated within the HumanSpecie by whatever Cause. We just can and do agree on ThaT equal premise.

I sense thecore you are referring to with "Compulsion No" is the Old Paradigm , which still reigns.

In the NewParadigm, we still have to agree upon mechanisms, systemic,to-be-built-techniques-as-a-state-of-the-art that facilitateglobalized humans on their planetary being &becoming.

Jesterday i had inice 5 minute talk with the world federalists here in utrecht,holland, where i couldpresent this new mosaic & nodal method to meet "all" therequirements for a universal democracy, which includes (to be settled inconstructed spheres) derivates from this
method for universal geographic or thematic fractals.

Let me giveit a try here ... okay

First,imagine a symbolic setup as an experience, a trip, in togetherness. You seewhat i signal in an image:

first see 3~ waves in the picture below :: associate thatwith emptiness by flow: light, sound, water/tides.

2 strikes at both 90 degrees opposites and you have 4 double strikes,say directions of the wind - symbol of spirit

then a circle is made: your first whole worldview: your local whole.

then strike 2 lines at the 4 corners out of the circle :: they represent thebig outer world: the locality is a part of another
whole :: a global market place.

then at the corners make 4 circles, about a cm radial, and add a center to that :: associate your 1 meaning to that :{minewas rhythm by seasons}:

end up this symbolic trip by connecting the seasons by strikes.


by having experience this trip and each one of us making a symbol we ...just created a connection to get to the explanation of what this newstate-of-the-noospheric-art THING/K (GBS)does/represents:

1st see tothis lines that represents nowadays voting and participation: say it is a lineon level 0 points from 0-18 yoa and
further on it is level 1 from 18 till you die.

What doesthat tell you with regard to your generation, your identity, your gesture inelections (point with your finger!), your flexible learning feedback curve, your dialogue esteems with the other one etc.

Now we seefor a narrative in 3 steps on GBS:

1st step:think of each one having a budget of 20 points i.s.o.1 point to assign to 1 party/1 votee. And to thatthink of 2 mutual constraints you should assign your point to at least 3 votees with a max. of 50% to thefavourite.

2nd step:you remember the rhythm of the seasons and you remember the rhythm forelections? Here in Hollandit is both marked by number 4.
So, we were used to a frequency of participating in politics by vote just oncein 4 years - in a promotional mediatic circus, say
propogandic sphere. WHAT would be better for theindividual (as i see it):

say we have a safe public voting bank (the quality of a banksystemic): given the new budgetary system for each individual how would s/he manage its votees?

wouldn’t it be nice that you can synchronize your personalrelated votees at the moment that comes up asconvenient to do so. Individual result is: you are in order with the politicalactive humans that represent your spirit/soul/3waves. Collective result: on aset frequency the bank is giving polls for what is going on in the core where thesystem is active (country, locality, global involved construct).

STEP 3 ...
let me tell this in a reply to this one ... after a week ...

:{i think we may need this to getit ON and in a satisfactional outcome}:

Let breathin and out in together ness ...

and say a magic word

Y our BigHearth

~~~ ( take your time intermission as a week digesting what washere to the pause )

i was telling a set-up on a newdemocratic paradigm to tell in rather easy steps how the generation optioncomes in to this systemic ... . iforsaid a week to return in the listeners mode andfield, and i think this time to digest step 1 and 2is passed ...

which i see communicated by FellowHumans Pulsing:

"Idon't think anyone who responded to your proposals suggested that democracyshould be initially forced upon anyone. After all, since there presently exists no democratic governance at the global level, howcould it be forced on anyone? Since there is no such governance, it's in anycase up to CITIZENS to create it and to voluntarily opt in to it. (Devising anddiscussing ways of doing so is principally what this list is concernedwith)."

"should be initially forced upon anyone"

is a keyprinciple here, as i see it, which gives a move to mystep 3 innarrating what that is about ... (flexible learning & teaching cores maymush-room & mesh-room)

to remember step 1 and 2 of GBS':

1 - blows up the mindview from 1 voteto one votee to: 1 voter at least 3 votees in an identified team ...

2 - gives an option to anyone to adjust one choice whenever thatpops up in real life as a focus to communicate ones order / chaordicimpulsed refined choice :

so, not 1election day in 4 years, but 1 "leap" day in 4 years where identifiedteams cannot be manipulated ... and a day where the new order of preferred votees can cling together in say 3 or 5 governmentpreparing groups who are competing for a governmental electiondayin say 13 weeks after that leap-day. (more to say onthat innovation viewpoint)

Now ... Step 3 ...

which is nicely set ip by the words quoted: "should be initially forced uponanyone"

which i interpret as : everyone has a right to livehis life with 0 points budgets on the electionalinstruments that facilitate a people mass to agree upon "a leadingbunch" of spokes(w-o-o)man ... Agree ... :

if agreedwe can focus on the votee as a citizen example forhow to live "perfect": s/he has 0 points as a budget, simply becausethat is in the choice for acting as a votee - aperson who lays down to be walked over ... and gets from a politicalperspective the attention pulsed by his performance at the stage.

and how about the voters and the generational fractals somehow ruling thegames?

Envisionthe GRID:

in ages alive, i create a dissonant for the 1styear on earth which can be seen as a year to stand up on ones feet ... (apregnancy out of the mothers belly)

then, we slices the rest of the time in fractals of 7 years ...
1-7 8-14 15-21 22-28
29-35 36-42 43-49 50-56
57-63 64-70 71-77 78-84
85-91 92-98 99-105 106-114
(and so on :)

you've got the picture? on the horizon tale ... of adiagram ...

now we are inventing the vertical line erasing and including step 1:

(let us talk on the nationwide election exercise/attuning mental)

when you are having birthday and the lifetime referred to by your fellowhumans and state too ... sets to 15 ... then you are entering the core of freeparticipation in the election enterprise:

you get 20points budget to assign to a minimum of 3 votees onthe List - a maximum of 50% to your favourite "president" ... and youdo not have to wait for the "old election day" - because you have a"states website interactive board" where you can move your puppets onyour! string. and when theday comes someone looses an edge in the circles synchronised then you findanother driver for that "carD".

Wow ... :: i suppose the HeaTH is on ...

So herecomes in theGenerational Slicing ...

When youare in the Game for 7 years you get a free promotion ... to a budget of 40points to assign to at least 5 votees ...

Are you inthe competition or can you feel yourself in a "flexible learningprocess":
because if you donot want to learn or when you putyour learning in the life and biotope itself ... nobody is gonnasay "you are not a fair player" ... because you simply agree on the votees
budget of 0 points as well for the budget for thevery young and the very old ... which deserves our respect...

The very Old?

yeah, you are ahead of the story ... which is told here:

the maximumbudget in this Generation Binding S'ilence paradigmis 100 points to share with at least 11 players (as the football/sport coach)...; but some will give 5 points to 20 votees and themystic player will ultimately give 1 point to 100 players and will each daychange 1 player for another one entering the core. Individual Fun!

Inspiringthe Collective Fun, or should we agree upon the term: Pleasure?

and when you get 50 years of age ... you are actually supposed to get yourdegree of a mature citizen and freely cling to the voteesbudget of 0 point. However the system offers a free process for those who arenot that far and offers from 50-56 a budget of 80 points similar to the budget given in therange 36-42 ...

And thisgives the clue that at a certain age (78) one "climbed by the sovereignlearning curve" to the level of the votee: 0points.

WhenQuestions arise ...
cling to the universal power of Intelligence ... and Question
FearLess !

Y our S'ace- "a bivid bividingrelationships"

S’ace is a selfgiven label to mystify Ceesde Groot, a cosmic, formerly dutch, worker.

The mystification was supporting a personallegacy modus.