This page is installed shortly after some happenings in the phora of UCS - United Community of Spirits ; maybe also getting into Untied Consciousness of Spirits Aeon ... as i, S'ace, happen to articulate this ... probably given because i seem to be a Child in Time relating to the 8th TimeLord who brought me up by Guidance onto a Crossing Wanted so Desperate by RaTiO ~ Phi symbolized electro-dynamic snake as duoble / twin wave Tiding through all bodies interco**ected (*=l/n/r) ...

Many "monads" are welcome to be added on this page in order to digest the many weavings informed on this studious site ... as a whole ORGAN ... PlayFulSubMitted in sense for harmony & peace at cognitive pace.

As a way of facilitating my co-creators i gave them ~ man ~ woman ~children ~ all an entry by coöperational bindu's at merging omega point:

(the idea is to scroll your ARROW over the bindu-tablets)

(13 entries as a starter will ignite the second creation, actually the 1st for humanity ... because the former was a preliminary version / testing zône)

In order to get your contact ... go to this page and select one of the MAYAN symbols (scroll down to go there) that is triggering your MomenT ...

Then this Bridge is Also a Metaphore / Digesting Story
to the Flight

... and you are in Good Hands as S'ace actually
is a Rule Center 0 category -former- professional
having guided a pionearing Dutch International Airline Company

then after some other adventures he "landed" in 2009 in the KweekSpell, a moon of 28 days, and each week 9 daya !? ...
... this all getting just 39 weeks a year ...
... stimulating the memory stick at each TEMPLE ...

here from a BOLON IK - Urane Planet Typo ;-))
just as spelled in the DREAM SPELL'ed

That is why i am as well connected with

Bapu - Mahatma Gandhi - , Martin Luther King , Nelson Mandela

but then also with ...

Ken Wilber , Drunvalo Melchizedek , José Arguelles

addressing them all as InterTranscending and Including Noospheric Ions at Noosphere

NaMasté S'ace ~ a bivid biovoiding

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