ILBS invites globalgeniusvoter for speak ...

this Day - march 3, 2008 - popped up as a Day full of Premises that may need some experience to endeavour ...

For 13 Days This Focus Gathers Birds as Flowers and Flowers as Bees ... Communicating Mobilization ... as a Shift that Pivots

~~~ historic efforts

the challenge connected to this image is to bridge the longterm period to the other side of the barrier to be bridged ...

"I AM The Bridge" - i keep on affirming that to my shadowww

So what is the story to be told in Bonn (GERmany) ... starting from the top of the shield that shows the dieing year for the era of the hierarchics that is pivoting to the challenge picked up by the resonarchs ... in fact the image that can be sensed from the art'ificial image below ... indeed - the destiny of the story to be told in a set of 18*20 seconds as a grid.

So this is a little bit a rehearsal committed to the space here ...

1st 20 seconds: Hi, i am s'ace, born dutch; i take advantage of this presentation time to tell you another edge on the governance esteem that we can manage!

2nd 20 seconds: So, i brought a shield with a fact and another image for what may be our new ground for mutual and planetary sense ...

3th 20 seconds: (lets have some silence to prevail)

4th 20 seconds: well, maybe some of us could make some idea out of this long distance call or do you articulate that as a DREAM ...

5th 20 seconds: Let us see for some bridges from the one to the other - be full of attention so you wont miss a spark! - let me first articulate the destiny by keywords:

6th 20 seconds: Colourfull, Harmonic, Polar, with Depth & Doubt, Spacious & Resonant - a Temple and its Shadow

7th 20 seconds: Let us see for the beginning on Top of this image as a start ... Does anyone has a notion what this line represents?

8th 20 seconds: AUDIENCE

9th 20 seconds: No time for discussion here and now - but we can talk this over on Thursday afternoon - HangON!

10th 20 seconds: Now lets look at this Graph with the Cross at the end ... what is happening here - say at the age of 18?

11th 20 seconds: :{allow some reaction}:

12th 20 seconds: Then ... what happens when we declare 78 as the other side of the Axiom (which proofs the system works tasting the Mirror Dream of Lifes Sense)

13th 20 seconds: :{let me draw another Line}:

14th 20 seconds: so, Here we have a Purpose to the Process, dont we?

15th 20 seconds: :{let me draw another line}:

16th 20 seconds: And, now we have some intermediate Levels to facilitate the process, do we?

17th 20 seconds: some digits with a meaning to that : 20, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 - is this learning to deal with complexity ?

18th 20 seconds: does this make sense? well : Think About IT and Hang On on Thursday february 28 : mark the Dream ...