this section will tell particular essences introduced by this voting matrix.
so how is the familiar way of voting by the mantra of "one man one vote" (to be) evaluated to this new mantra ...?
shortly said ... it's about time ... ;-)

First it may be interesting to look to this notion:

Considering the economic orientation of western politics it may be interesting to understand why people are first involved in politics at the age of 18. The same young urban people who play an important role in the developing & welfare section of families are not stimulated to vote till the age of 18. And when they may vote, it is interesting to consider the facts that:
  1. they are 100% parttaker in this game, equal to experienced voters
  2. they did not have any practise of how or what to vote for
  3. they often already are ignorant/confused/mystified by all kind of arguments
  4. some (a quarter of the) people vote for the first time when they are 22 years of age
  5. averagely a voter starts to vote at the age of 20 (because of the 4year period)

So the designteam of this GenerationBindingMatrix as a voting paradigm developed some issues that may be of common interest to all (generations of) participants in the election procedure which leads to govern-mentality:

  1. in a regional/coutrywise election procedure one can vote from the age of 15 …
  2. when a citizen starts to vote at the regional stage, he has got the opportunity to practise voting at the local stage
  3. each generation (a 7 year period) has a specific spot in the voting-matrix
  4. young generations are on the ascending steps …, learning to civilize in a democracy
  5. elderly generations are on the descending steps …, teaching civilization
  6. voters learn to form & maintain a team of votees, which are their personal team of representatives in the political core
  7. in step 1 voters distribute 20 votingpoints to 3 votees (max. 50% to 1 votee)
  8. in step 2 voters distribute 40 votingpoints to 5 votees (max. 50% to 1 votee)
  9. in step 5 voters distribute 100 votingpoints to 11 votees (max. 50% to 1 votee)
  10. in doing so, citizen practise the decisionmaking-process in complex matters, which may stimulate their interest in the topics & themes …

Next figure wil give an impression of the GenerationBindingMatrix …

As said before between the lines, young people have the opportunity to learn and enter the election procedure in an earlier phase … on a Local Level:

Finally experience tells the DesignTeam : two pivoting issues have to be resolved …

And of course … the question … how at the end of this procedures …
How do we get a proper Government for Our Time?

When in respect to those aspects contra and/or supporting arguments/textures are delivered contributing the dialogue essentials,
… please come in … ; our team will promote your perceptions in the spotlight you wish.

World Unity education is basically being concerned about the affairs of the age.