Generation Binding S'ilence - main objectives

Here a totally new description arises,
inspiring the breath of spiritual / political / human change
describing an instrument that facilitates
world unity & peace education

Initiate by "NEU REE BAH" "PNEU BEE RAH"

Citizen CO-Producer (article)

*** magnetic ***

while the cosmic impulse to life is a mystery, people should open up to this impulse each day without anything bothering that openness. this is to be said to the telepathic realm of the mind.
we, as unified people, also organize things as nations, cooperation domains, properties and profits in the realm of the sensory equipped human being. there we need orientations and references that refines our taste for what it is to live together; to live the peace in togetherness. here we enter the domain of representatives in a small decisive board where chiefs negotiate for the best solutions on critical themes.
how do we relate all the people to those representatives? can it be done by "just love, and gestures" or do we need a tool that guides each human/citizen/voter/votee through the program of life, both facilitating the individual and the collective and vice versa.

This is where the tool described on this website with the label "Generation Binding S'ilence" (GBS') is meeting the power of Unification, the action mode of Attracting and the essence of Destiny & Purpose.

*** lunar ***

Nowadays, in the fresh Gregorian 3th millenium, the 21st centennial, 200*-years we human beings we meet the borders of our planetary strife. Let us not point this notion out here: here we agree upon that as a fact and are investing ourselves in order to see for our mutual new grounds for being and living together. May the challenge be a good conversation, a dialogue where we think about the better way - may it be an exchange with our spheres that will last for our offspring and so for generations to come.

This website is to be handled as a facilitating scripture for the implementation of another way of thinking in the area of mass decision making processes. As an initiating "pivoting" line in this voting sphere of democracy based systemics the "Generation Binding S'ilence" label identifying the chemical powers within this integral method is mediated.

In history the systemic was born winter 1990/1991 first by the label ECIAL - 3 fold transscripted to
* equal chances in a lifetime
* equality changes in a lifetime
* egolutionary communications in a lifetime
In december 2000 in migrated to "Generation Binding" in a Open Space Conference at the Treaty of Noordwijk aan Zee/The Netherlands.

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Polarization, the action mode of Stabilizing and the essence of Challenge & Inspiration.

*** electric ***

according to this VoidVoice the earth grid Walks Its Talk ...

Some advisor's hang on to the comforting way to serve the masses: "just one day in four years you come to a locality where you can raise your voice by electing one servant out of many". And they will serve you on the outcome that you can feel yourself as a winner when that chosen one is winning ... : by that race you are winning as an individual and as a grouped by acting mass of individuals. After the deluging phase it may occur to the individual that he just pointed out a goalkeeper or a goal getter and not a political team and natural counterfeit (equal equipped opponent).

So the electrification might be more addressed to the individual if s/he is served in a menu-driven mode where s/he can compose a fitting menu for the personal vision how to survive and live in a healthy community. Which equips the user of the democratic system (the civilian) with skills to group by evidence or group a debate by topic. So, it might be crucial the user supplies the system with the civilian profile. And a civilian profile might be filled with the team of political potentials that s/he trusts on the mission by selecting them in a valued grid. Addressing the grid might be as the presentation of the self(ish) genius in the classroom where the human factor rises to the transcending state of co-existence.

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Activation, the action mode of Bonding
and the essence of Service & Humility.

*** self-existing ***

Setting a mechanism that weaves mutuality should be something as day and night, moon to moon, year to year and leap to leap. Agree? It requires a level of authority that includes all levels of evolution and a context knowledge for involution - nowadays sort of qualities suspected with geniuses as Ervin Lazlo, who initially lives another working life than the life where he seems to be honored for his works / books delivered in the world of the evolving edge.

The author here parallelizes his revelation (winter 1990/1991) here by installing another way for pointing out our representatives in the public sphere. Recommendations are various in the community of the Netherlands that often exports his geniuses to other parts of the world due to reasons in the category of over-estimation and over-sentimentality institutionalized and to be de-institutionalized, cq. liberalization. To be said in a nutshell: a perfect climate to endure and bring up many things coming together to crystallizing - think : 2nd creation of homo sapiens sapiens.

  • align human - civilian - voter - votee in a working quantum
  • practice the temple of the body - temple of time & the space of the body-geometry :: concrete? well time is here set in a temple stairway to ascend and descend simultaneously ; the body-geometry is the image of that temple responded in budget appliance (voting in peace of variance and generation-awareness)
  • each day individuals shift from a step by birthday-remembrance in cycles of 7 years :: some ascend in budget-terms, some descend: and can you realize who is climbing the stairway in the telepathic quantum (of trust and reliability and in civilized measures).
  • ... and the votee forms the bridge for all generations, delivering by doing governance ... - this is the key change delivered in this newborn setup to be installed soon.
  • each day individuals will rejudge their budget applied to votees - triggered by their personal rhythm in their biological life-pulse and resonance on normatives while questioning and developing potentials.
  • polls will be realistic for analysis and meeting the boards quality esteem in governance competitive all life care taking & planetary consciousness appliance.

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Definition, the action mode of Measuring & Referential Filtering
and the essence of Form & Observation.

*** overtone ***

You might recognize the reward given in a Spiral Dynamic RED coloured sphere:


"uh, where is my cigar?"

Short sketch of a moment you slipped the tongue because of your victory - by suggesting the cigar you offered your GREATERNESS to the OTHERone who was not yet in the MOOD for SDi-YELLOWWW...

( let me find some picture to set them link on those tastes ) - i'll be back to cover this writing before 3kingsDay ...

The point here is, HOW to overcome the GAP that actually was a chemical act getting the situation and relationship clear in the telepathic quantum/realm/sphere. (some say: do not cause that GAP; however the entrepreneurship compliance gives principally space to "a GAP for a DAY" in behalf of the mission in togetherness.)

At this moment we can here on this site just say: the ones involved (as Father and Son) might consider the genius that popped up as an experience of both/all concerned. The GAP that popped up (here, the Cigar in the sphere of being FIRED - also an emotionally act because of the tensy sphere baring a child/new thought)

Finally the oned involved realize themselves enduring the act enduring the heat of the fusion; they will both contemplate their sharp edges without excuses because they were needed at the time of (con)fusion. Which is nowadays comprehended in terms of Creational Friction, Inclusive Democracy, Chaordic Fusion.

This is where GBS'is meeting the power of Empowering,
the action mode of Commanding
and the essence of Radiance & Splendor.

*** rhythmic ***

When all involved are straightening out the meaning of the Fusions Happening - they al individually can germinate their individual contribution within the process of breeding the given situations into linestreams. [say streamlining is a top-down way to organize a thing; linestreaming must be bottom-up .. the natural, organic way to balance the way evolving]

Focus on the starting of a jam-session where first the rhythm is set and grounded in all participants, then that gives the basic group commitment to each individual to come up with a specific contribution spicing the "meal". You can never begin in the middle of that session - it simply won't work. So, we need a setting that includes everyone; a context, a given architecture that is understood from each beginning of the day/week/moon/year. Then we might realize that Globalization is a Tune that was started before our very lifes not including each participant at the same initiating participatory level. It just didnot have a cyclic harmonic in itself - which can only be corrected by re-installing the systemic with a formula that inclusively binds all involved in the same era. Therefor it is to be promoted to cling to the individual address in stead of the family bond. Meaning? To reform the heritance-chain.

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Organizing, the action mode of Balancing
and the essence of Equality & Validation.

*** resonant ***

:{ this resonant Tone might be the G-spot of all 13 - which gives me the idea it is a TWIN }:

ANNOUNCING january 18-20 i will invest in the 3rd LRI-experimental journey
the outcome of that might generate scripts for this and the 6 (cor)responding Tones 8 till 13 ...


UPDATE (march2008):
The LRIG is a collaboration of individuals on this planet that each 4 weeks defines a Focus to Intent the Love 7 Radiation Field as experimental practice to sense for our group identity (if noticable)

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Channeling, the action mode of Inspiring
and the essence of Attunement & Adaption.

*** galactic ***

Harmonizing the Human Vessel
co-operates on the uniVersal Arousal Inside ...

When the chakra's are bottom up arranged by 1 to 7 ...
they are ligned up Tone-wise : B D F A C E G

Which delivers 4::1::5::2::6::3::7 (A to G)
It is a long way to "ThePrairie"
Heart ................. DO
Basic .................. RE
Throat ................... MI
Sacral .................... FA
3rd eye ..................... SOUL
Solar Plexus ...................... LA
Crown ....................... TI
Heart ................. DO
(next ph'ace ::*:: overcome)

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Harmonizing, the action mode of Modeling
and the essence of Integrity & Meditation.

Note: on the Cultural Eve of the World Parliament Experience in Bonn-GerMany, february 25 - 2008, this meditation was shared and tributed to all those student that didnot get a visa to get there - in order to have their Spirits intatentionally radiated in our week of work. How it was done: We performed a DO-RE-MI ("ME") attunement session ...

*** solar ***

Mobilization is the essential Ninth Tone that OverRules the Pattern of te Octave Ruling the Orchid.

In a Pandemonium Planned with certain Winners and a Lotta Love Loosers this Ninth Tone is Essential to Survive the Suppression of the Few ... , which even is understood by the Happy Few - for they are the few of the few that invest in that Ninth Tone - although it might take a search for the right instrument(ality) to take over the Lead - maybe because a charismatic talent spoke to the hearts of the many - giving voice to their creative add-ons.

here you can have dialogue in a shaped ordering ...

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Pulsing, the action mode of Realizing
and the essence of Intention & Telepathy.

*** planetary ***

Here your enter-training partner while reading this texture invites readers to enter-train there worlds mutually ... this can be don by registering on the blog integraldemocracy - which is already a while pending to take of more seriously than pioneering
:: which still is the case however more integrally mutual facilitated
(it may even grow out to an integral of practising humane politics - weaving the spheres interconnected)

In a sort of dream - which of course if false from the beginning - the facilitation leads to "a new american presidence" which combines 3 things : Dennis - GBS' - NewDay and a schedule. How the dream facilitates 2008 and the Day out of Time LunarMirror Energy in this LeapYear, we will see in due time. Maybe it is Good to deliver 2x3 keywords + 1 that set this specific energy as a pivot from this very moment till the american election :D :

mirror - endlessness reflects order

lunar - polarize stabilize challenge


white - refines
(remember this years 2007-2008 activity of the white lunar wizard energy prepares the feminine spice for Storm3 which is MIRROR2 - pole shift!)

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Perfection, the action mode of Producing
and the essence of Manifestation & Expression.

*** spectral ***

ToDay a manifestation of Perfection was delivered at US of A, just someone who speaks apart from the fact he seems to be on a mission - aren't we all indivi-duals?

You Reader, are you with me dreaming another vibration to thet word "individ"?
Then may i propose "bivid" - "bividual"
in stead of "individual" can that be a more positive approach of
who i am/you are?

Here may come in the story of Roy LittleSun i listened to in Teuge, Holland, last SaturDay. He focussed on the seperation into NEG & POS for a reason, a resonar-wave to let in ... deep down where the water meets the earth ... the whole serial of chakra's landing in the basic one ... there where not one RainBow expresses its Colors but .. where 2 halfBows meet and form and, to that, radiate WholeNess: SouL ...

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Dissolving, the action mode of Releasing
and the essence of Liberation & Resetting.

morphogenisys clearance

*** crystal ***

Connect & Beget the Purpose by PresenSinging the Presense ;-) Radiating Intention Me-Ander-Ring the Equality & Integrity Merits
as Attuning forces of the Electric Being Expressing You :: NooSpherically Engaged ...

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Dedicating, the action mode of Universalizing
and the essence of Cooperation & Digestion.

*** cosmic ***

What Label do you Prefer?

A * Generation Binding S'ilence
B * Resonarchy
C * Mass Meandering Mind Method
D * Third Millenium Political Catalyst
E * Planetary Consciousness Mind Module

Or is the preference of the vibration of the Methods Label/Name influencing the Chemical Process of Accepting the Pronunciations Effect Inside the Articulation Attuning the Sender & the receiver on the Dialogue at Charge ;-)

K NOW yourself as a Co-Creator Giving a Designers Voice !
(what is your articulation to this module)

This is where GBS' is meeting the power of Enduring, the action mode of Transcending
and the essence of Presence & Openness.

in this revelating new world we link to one another telling our origin in/spirational acts
while germinating, as the current webmaster is running pilot for the NéAndersThaler study group of

the KaosPilot initiative in Holland (:a dream coming true:)

The significance and work of George King,
and its impact on humanity is so profound
and far reaching
that it is not likely to be fully appreciated
by this generation.

Can WE People in ToGetherness by this Planet, This Sun & This Moon resonant to the Cosmic Impulse ... co*template this gesture (of White Feather):

Find more photos like this on Children of the Sun

to see for the 13 arguments from bottom line ... click the next 4 color-waved graphic/alignment