as a parallel sound sound while reading ...

i started this topic because of another one, which i refer to by this label:

What the Spirits have been Teaching the World


Well, because i feel pretty free here to state (!) an expression that refers to the product delivered by
"What" the Spirits have been Teaching the World.

"ThaT" is WhaT the Spirits were trying to teach the people in the World ...

So, do NOT be and act Small ... as i read a sentence in the What is Enlightenment glossy, letter from a lady Diane Weber:

"It was all so contained in a narcissistic small sphere."

Here she probably also brings in the Spheres articulated by Peter Sloterdijk.

~~~ what else to say, and how to get another connection to the well ~~~

i thought of the teaching how to observe the aura of a star (just the same as with flowers and trees etc. including human beings) ...

do not see right into the star ...
see a little bit next to it and by staring it pops up ...

this is where shamans identify love:

when 2 people are staring at the same sphere ... there is a contact which is hardly to be described by words that create an absolute agreement


mr. & mrs. Knowbody (which is an alias of a ZerLin- 1991)

in "ThaT" pops up HA (81::9) guided by to pillars T & T

what do T & T represent my beloved oneness

ex act lY ;-) TT :: 77

Then, what is 77 ...

2 humans in open dialogue maintaining a contact ...
it is said every human being has 7 universal energy centra communicating a complex (history? future? now?)