Resonant Garden 4/4::5 Mushrooming Memories of Dialectical Quality


This is an invitation to see the image above as a cryptogram(matical) in the sphere of ENERGY that EXPRESSES the BODYMIND grown in a specie as the HUMAN BEING as SOUND - that JAMS the HUMAN MIND.

Dance IV – Yellow Warrior – EXPRESS

Will Realized as the Existence of Cosmic Conduct. This is my energy.

IV. Court of the Perfection of Inner Wisdom - Wisdom is the Fruit of Presence. Cultivate Telektonon of Wisdom. (Telektonon = Cosmic Earth Channel of Star Born Elders of Tollan)
13. Hall of the Skywalker. Wakefulness initiates the Telektonon of Wisdom.
14. Hall of the Wizard. Receptivity refines the Telektonon of Wisdom.
15. Hall of the Eagle. Mind transforms the Telektonon of Wisdom.
16. Hall of the Warrior. Fearlessness Ripens Telektonon of Wisdom.

Wisdom Realized as Presence of Cosmic Fruit.

"Now I embody Telektonon. I am a Cosmic Earth Channel of the Star Born Elders of Tollan, the Crown of Wisdom of the Noosphere, the Foundation of Cosmic Civilization."

You are empowered as a Cube Journey Master, you may now pass to the Matrix Towers of Heaven.

relational energy is a matter of bringing it out politely
although performed in a personal style within the contextual core …

therefor those “tzolkin glyphs” and globally spread keyword combinations to it are presented here in compact manner,
which may help to reset our fundamental comprehension of our presence in
being unique and being in response to all things happening ...

find your own words to it?
and combine them to the actions, the powers, the essences and ...
the intention you may have from very deep inside out ...

llnd week out of 4 weeks in a 13moon month within a 4year-suncycle
Please consider next list as a template for students/scholars to set up there homework … scripts etc. and do it there own natural way … in their time?
just to be & do & go

Note: those words are of the types action, power & essence; the words appear in different stages, contexts.
It makes sense to see what comes up to a person in the different contexts.
Of course … this is just a template,
practising it may evolve you, your class, to new perceptions, other ways to look at the “same thing”.
You may even, after a while, consider the idea if this is
what is originally meant by the word, the understanding of politics.
(without any judgement, okay? :-)

awareness ( wakefullness )
of your 1st circle of life ... your intimates, of your 2nd circle of life ... your relatives, of your 3th circle of life ... all possible relatives and finally but not least your deep down root relations that may brought you your posibility for awareness at all ... in the first place ...

and ... what do you sense ...

questions intelligence
as the revelation structure of being tells our common habit of response ... why is this wonder happening ... and am i, myself, a part of it? question mark? look at this 3-4 circle and the full circle underneath ... just a ? - question mark ... may tell more stories than you ever could imagine before this very moment ... why??? just because you reading those words were focussed on this tiny subject of awareness?!

the power of intelligence is not a property of mankind ... just because it is a property of what we identify with so many words ... creation, god, zero point field, ... (and you add your specific words to it?)

wo/man is part of the field of intelligence, without any doubt …

now what came first ... the question which arose your mind or ... the attitude of your mind to open up for a question te arise ...

the chicken and egg problem? evolves navigation
how to control your response to that what happens, at least you seem to be aware of something happening ... just let it go? or even more than that ... maybe in the end to evolve some potentials to kinestheticals and vice versa ...

evolvement is a natural phenominal which expresses


creates vision


reflects endlessness


enchants timelessness


catalyzes selfgeneration

is fearless intelligence queest

explores space wakefulness

awakes space exploration

lives revelation enlightening

creates vision


enchants timelessness


enchants timelessness


creates vision


explores space


questions intelligence


please fire me, author for some words, for some kind of a story ...
don´t apologize me for it ...
and feel invited to make your story responding the energy of the yellow warrior?!
okay, we´lll okay

Dream the Action of the Nurture ... in a new system of living together with

Dream & Believe the Power of Birth ...
which is in fact a revelating fact of nature which PIVOTS the dreamphase to a livephase! As nature is the domain which provides those wonders which cannot be forced in another way by humans in a reasonised method.

Awake out of the Dream within the Essence of Being ... together & enriched by the vulnarable child or idea or novelty which astonishes the mind ...

When in respect to those aspects contra and/or supporting arguments/textures are delivered contributing the dialogue essentials,
… please come in … ; our team will promote your perceptions in the spotlight you wish.