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Nov 16, 2009 : Entered the Cyber and discovered the Kweekspell Blog was "Vanished"; Maybe Temporarily?
Any Idea? Well, i consider the KweekSpell idea to reschedule the Week for a Kweek might be "the agreement for Kopenhagen 2009" ~ maybe that whole gathering is up to give another frequency for living the world as human beings?

The crux for having a Kweek of a Week is here in an image:

(i will change this for the better pinpoint!)

ANNOUNCEMENT BIRTHday for S/Heartic~27 !

Sea this date as a good navigation for the baby at its spell, a DreamSpell affirmation for its flight & skydiving:

Red Cosmic Earth
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Core Clan- Sky

I endure in order to evolve
Transcending synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of birth

its ascendant from S/Heartic-27 "MiXuM" is the LongCount Twin which resonates MOON4 : the formgiver ... by universal water as power focus :: making the Earth to such a Blue Spectral Planet.

Core Factor for S/Heartic-27 is the power to coöperate at a perfect trinity spell which articulate a wonderful weaving from each body as a weaving and a coördination that matters.

KweekSpell is slicing 28 days into the 9991-ness

Its Kin Number Attracting is 111 while it also gives the other 8 trinities as numbers: 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999

Yx3x37 is its formula vaying Y from 1 to 9 ...

Kin037 vibrates Spectral Earth: "the Rainbow Warrior"

Intro ~ october 17, 2009 Today is day 28 in DreamSpell 13Moon3 - Electric Deer Moon. This is the last day out of 28 - usually a 7777 rhythm that equalizes in 4 equal values at 7. This page narrates on the ignition by the KweekSpell dispensation which has been guided for the last 28 days by a mystery Queen from New Zealand to New Holland (interconnected edge of becoming in the Netherlands/Europe).

This all means in densed crypt: 7777 becomes 9991 ... the 28 breaks into 3 equal 9'ers that fuse in the 4th phase : 1 .

In life practice this will implicate we change the time reference - the calendar in both a 13 Moon Natural Map that facilitates the clear Minds of all people, and to that the week of 28 days breaks into 3 equal weeks - kweeks - of 9 days. A special day to celebrate the planet is always the 28th daya of the Moon, also day 0 for the next moon.

More ... (later) on how this relates to this site and its value / meaning / transfer ...

y'ur S'ace , a bivid biovoiding ...

~~~ catch090220 is here especially for ucs membears that cooperate in the setting charged over there from about comet Holmes ... in 2007 - the blue signal

catch is about the dream-catcher which is commonly accepted here as the intuition lane fully opened to what is observed and planted as a cosmic instruction on the warrior aligned.

we cannot inform on warnings and external documented codes simply while all is potentially awakened at the stations trust.

affirmation of the 090 220 connection is provided - in service for those cross-checking the universal souldears.

~~~ any idea on what is happening right now?

(well, take it for pretty sure there is no need to know this at the stations governing the planets goodwill)

is an actor vulnerable? (ask the many - names as clues?)

is the planet breathing? (ask T'sumatra)

is there a meaning in life? (ask Monty Python's Flying Circus)

anyway - why are you here? what about your partner and the bilateral communications? other relatives?

but then indeed why all these Questions that probably were answers to a mindspell oracling what to write here by bulleting the keyboard before executing the whole by a an "build it!" key command on the screen as middleware facilitating both the hardware and the software polarities ...

no no no , let us not forgive one another for raising a contact ... agree?