A first step
into a more regional sphere of community ...

:{ STEP III: this page is ONE topic out of SEVEN in a dialogue; this topic reflects upper line as theme}:


  • becoming 15 years of age in a calendreyear gives entrance to the regional of countrywise core of voting together with older generations. This first step in the voting game could be practised before on the local stage.
  • young people are generally spoken in a phase of development pivoting from a egocentric awareness via a group awareness to a global awareness; this proces triggers all kind of changes in perceptions which vibrates the self consciousness as well as the global consciousness, shifting, opening and reattuning borders. The stage provides with the GBM-toolbox a living practise of living together with a variety of archetypes and at the same time, a sensible, practical phase to discover ones particular talents to contribute.
  • ATTENTION: in this phase the GBM conceptual guidelines do not yet allow you to be a regional representative, however this stage allows you to enter the core of local representatives. You can take the role of votee in stead of just a voter. It is a personal decision in sorcering ones potentials and practice them by doing!


A change of perception in the seeding phase of this GBM method which needs extra argumentation because of natural sentiments given by the old method … is the fact that a voter of 18 years of age is not accountable in the whole events as a full accountable voter, with equal votingpower as the most accountable generation. This voter has 20 percent out of 100, which is the number of points delivered by the prime generation in this context.

GGvoter will give you the next arguments in order to negotiate the novice:

  • in the old system the average voter doesnot vote at the age of 18 but at the age of 20. This is given by the fact that an electionyear is once every 4 years. Within the GBMatrix-sphere you enter the second regional step when you are 22 years of age. Then you have already 40 points to distribute.
  • the percentage of 20 is related to the prime voter, aging 43 till 49. The whole of voters produce an average vote-account less than 60 point. So, the number of 20 votes relating to less than 60 points result in more than 33 percent of the average voting bundle.
  • the “old” system hides an argument which is revealed by the declaration of this GeneratioBindingMatrix as a method: when you are voting, you may be aware of the fact that your single vote can not only be a 100 percent right vote, it can be very wrong too … because you never practiced deciding on a complex matter as politics before. Which is a sensible suggestion to make without any pretentions but noticing it. There may be an argument for nuance which GenerationBinding structure promotes and delivers by a form.

Shortly said: the GenerationBindingMatrix as a steering module and a learning model as well realizes a tool which enables a democratic call by a citizen who likes living and working together.

When in respect to those aspects contra and/or supporting arguments/textures are delivered contributing the dialogue essentials,
… please come in … ; our team will promote your perceptions in the spotlight you wish.