SIRdaya ~ SUNdaya ~ MOONdaya

FAdaya ~ NESSdaya ~ KINdaya

WINDdaya ~ URdaya ~ SOULdaya

(repeat 3 times into 27 daya a Moon)

Then 28 synchronizes as Daya of Moon Experience (DoME)

Why Kweak?

hard to answer as a pionearing thing clarifies itself while on the move ... Maybe Time is just Popping Up from many human cells emerging the pivotal need as a common fractal freeing what is to set free ...

What is Kweak?

it formats another frequency on the planet as a whole and is embedded in a great natural mapping as the DreamSpell Calendar which sort of regulates the LongCountOriginVision ...

Then Kweak is about the 3rd legs to 2 legs - DS & LC - as the 3rd eye is that to the 2 eyes that deliver focus on depth ...

Exemplify Kweak:

in formula Kweak refines number 27-28-29 :

27 is as 3x9 daya aka 3 kweaks a Moon

28 is the synchronization day that weaves time by 2 Moons as Wings to a Bird ...

29 is the code for its creator - Bolon Ik Spiced S*ace : wave2 mobilizer tone 9 / solar wind.

Then 29 is also the fractal that goes with number 261 while 9 to 29 matches 261 ;-)

Also 29 is the mapping for 28 as a wholy number as 27 is that to 28 ... (and 9 to 10 - Earth Bode Number)

HIGHlightning 29

Kweak point at the Character for each KIN that it actually refers to a whole Tzolkin Cycle of 260 KIN and the current KIN doubled.

This results in the notion each KIN actually represents in potential 261 KIN talents ... and 1 extra radiated ;-)

Then from the fractal perception from 9 as a holy spiritual impulse we say 261/9 makes 29!

And ... then again 2.9 refers to Second Wave (Wizard) and its 9th SOLAR TONE of Intention ... aka KINethical manifestation from its authentic gifts in TimeSpiralSync.

The other perception might be 9.2 which gives Lunar Moon (double moon!) as an orient to grasp.

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In La'kesh S"ace ~ o'22


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