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with crystal clear statements by GGvoter in relation with Fellow Human in Dialog

Analysis in Dialog with Fellow Citizen Contributors

  1. Lee Gottlieb: THOUGHTS about creating a permanent, non-profit organization to promote Direct Democracy : A * B * C * D
  2. GGvoter picks a D-line ... “Enthusiasts understand the only chance for Direct Democracy to take root upon Earth is totally dependent upon, what seems to be, an insurmountable task of educating the public. But the task is not insurmountable, and it is the challenge met by the Education Division.”

    GGvoter Statement:
    “GenerationBindingMatrix provides a universal communicative formula, which is on the home page “temple” of “xylophone” structure & image itself, which meets the challenge “educating the public” within the formula on an immanent fundamental base ...”

    Question to FellowCitizen (you reader?): Do you see the difference in the “organisational approach” of mr. Gottlieb and the “implicit/systemic approach” of GGvoter, cq. imbedded within the GenerationBindingMatrix?

    To Mr. Lee Gottlieb ... the argument GGvoter adds as refinement to your ABCD dialog still co-builds with you in the strife for “an efficient, functioning educational organization” ... Thanks for your textures which allowed me to weave GBM-intentions in a profound & structured contribution in the core dialog. ;-)GGvoter

  3. ...


  • Alias Abyss at www.tortuga.com says: “that is AWESOME. This is what it should be all about, not dogmatizing organizations”
  • Alias Bruce at http://europeanconstituentprocess.net says: I think Global Genius Voter is a beautiful dynamic site. I think it could be very helpful to the world. The awareness of earth air water and elements builds as you travel the site. The spiritual vibes are resonating from the art forms of their ways. This site truly brings out the Spiritual Equality, that they actually strengthen and harmonize with each other. This builds toward a great realization of the mysteriousness of this planet. The respect for that which is and what is to come.

    People are both the gift and the damnation of this mysterious planet'). We must learn and teach the wonders but also the dangers and needs which must be protected against and provided.

    ') GGvoter does not underscribe this articulation of humanity; however observing some aspects of this specie evolving, the qualification may have a context where it may communicate an image.

When in respect to those aspects contra and/or supporting arguments/textures are delivered contributing the dialogue essentials,
… please come in … ; our team will promote your perceptions in the spotlight you wish.