UPDATE ~ March 1 ~ 2009 / kin117 ~ Earth13~cosmic in DreamSpell Calender (Immanent Mind Program)

ToDay, the word "interesting" is pivoted to(wards) "sane doubt" ...

This is caused by the Sign of the Times given in someones uniQconscious State of Mind - which does not explicitly address the conscious-state of mind ~ it more explicitly addresses what was referred at as "the unconscious". That sound pivoted the last year (as a single grossmoment).

So Sane refers at the BabyBornMind each individual simply knows deep inside and it really pops up at your finest moments. AGree? ... and we both Smile to that! :-)) * (( :

(this i, s'ace, just now channeled through my equipment provided - probably awakened with all you, my precious)

What is your option of presence,
be a voter or be a votee, a voters representative?

:{ STEP IV: this page is ONE topic out of SEVEN in a dialogue; this topic reflects upper line as theme }:


  • encourage the practise of taking decisions and bearing consequences
  • interbinding people does not happen triggered by equality, while it happens by the pulse of differences; equality should be restricted to the legal boundaries
  • intergenerational awareness stimulates living together as a whole, which may be implicated by the slogan “freedom, equality & brotherhood” …
  • a representative in common society affairs grows as media-content-attractor and is implicitely marketeer of his personal “wisdom” in respect to promotion of interests in a political, complex core; therefor this votee cannot be a voter at the same time. In this regard it is to be understood a representative creates his supporting group of contributing voters, so his effort in representing is qualified by the indirect “reward”.
  • people serve their bindings and unbindings in person as much as possible, and within the framework delivered and quaranteed by political consensus.
  • a candidate/representative can always resign as a votee and reinstate his voter status as a parttaking citizen; the vice versa routing from voter to votee is of course intentional … for the principle to participate within democracy with ones potentials in communicational affairs.

citizen have no interest in media-events that show a candidate in a votingstation


One of the essentials built within the votingmethod GBM gives form, is the weaving of individuals to a dynamic people living and working together. For this, original classic, reason of belief the system is designed to a level of refinement which support the outcome of the system in a living practise.

A person who represents other people, potential this particular person contributing voters, a formula in thinking can be established and fundamentaly grounded that the votee creates more voting power out of his practise as a votee than as a single voter. Therefore the urge or need to be a voter as a votee is dismissed, cq. to be prohibited, while it will be contra productive from a view with a built-in system integrity.

When in respect to those aspects contra and/or supporting arguments/textures are delivered contributing the dialogue essentials,
… please come in … ; our team will promote your perceptions in the spotlight you wish.

let have a moment by you-to-be ;-)