a realtime-votingsystem supports every citizen
being a whole partaker …
:{ a conceptual texture }:
this section will tell particular essences introduced by this voting matrix.
:{communicating in a dialogue-opportunity on some subjects which (may) bother “the objects” }:


  • realtime: refers to the capability of the (noöspheric) system to register the preferences of a citizen who chooses his running wo/men as a personal coalition team; the realtime system facilitates the input of a citizen and registeres it as a valid vote-account;
    so it does not especially mean that the outcome of daily voting is available to be published publicly or is open for any party … even for government such an event of openness is regulated by a democratic agreement on this system requirement.
    N.B. GGvoter proposes 3 dates a year (max. once a month) as POLLING dates and the possibility to have a poll after “to be negotiated triggers”, imagening the input/update of 10 percent of all individual citizen/voters in a week time can, if publicly required, be a systematic trigger due to “emergency”.

  • system: refers to a processing tool which achieves perfectly in essence the product or outcome which it was invented for intentionally.
    N.B. replacing an old “system”, which was not functioning in essence to its intention, may be “hurt&angrify” people who were conditioned or learned to live with the handicap out of a sense to habitize the “fact” of the handicap, which may have been a good gesture for the moment they decided how to get along with and in that system. Such a “hurt” or “painful experience” is wished to be pivoted to a sense of wellbeing when experiencing the original intention by the new essence realized by the “new system”.
  • it is a task for citizen-representatives to modernize to a state of art of the democratic tools within a right scheduled time & timespan in a peacefull harmonized movement (of change)
  • citizen who are capable to partake in the massmovement are invited to energize the change in “a pi”voting” whippy operation”
  • not the calculative motives but the mind(set)sensed motives which appeal to the reform requirements will guide the way to fulfill the breeze of change …


GGvoter refers to the wikiDD call Everyone’s a citizen Baby project …


  • (even) the baby has its place in the mindset of the GenerationBindingMatrix
  • the eldest has a really respectable place … also because the rest of the citizen know their relationship with the elderly …, especially those who resigned voting for partaking reasons
  • a votee/candidate/representative has place in the cyclic adventure which suits her/him best …; eg. by relating passively, actively, pro-actively to and with other citizen in their presence;
  • while people are tuned into the democratic partaking game in relation with other people … with a profound intention to co-create essences and valuable spheres, they can let the ego-thing go and live the personal potentials in a sense of citizenship;
  • ”walk your talk straight and tall as can be”

When in respect to those aspects contra and/or supporting arguments/textures are delivered contributing the dialogue essentials,
… please come in … ; our team will promote your perceptions in the spotlight you wish.

the generation binding matrix is to be implemented with a tool which provides the people of the possibility to change a voted team whenever the voter civilian has the energy and urge to do so.

this section tries to motivate the sense of this possibility and will give some thoughts that can help to get working perceptions on "freezed dogmas".