What is the strife ...
and how are you dealing with it (to-gether) ?

:{ STEP VI: this page is ONE topic out of SEVEN in a dialogue; this topic reflects upper line as theme}:

  • human being is a whole creature on planet earth
  • all people together are whole essentially creative all people
  • being in a dynamic presence, relationally as if dancing (a tango?), it can be wise to learn the passes which a dance requires and to let the music in the passes; an before you know it you couild be dancing on the ceiling and having fun together with a fellow human; however … uh … do not forget the other couples on the floor ;-)
  • communicate the differences as a valuable possibilitiy to open a question; dialogue society … (with pleasure)


One of the grounds in the votingsystem model GBM – GenerationBindingMatrix (which is a spiral too), is to harmonize individuals into a dynamic living and creative working people. For this reason the system is designed with care and a touch of accuracy which enduring the development achieved a high performance in stimulating the desired achievements by the system itself.

More arguments to the grounds expressed above, will not be needed to answer the questions … at this page … considering the suggestion the questioner took the stairway (or xylophone) from downunder and expressed his refinements to it.

entering teacher
As a sorcering civilian one gaines some priviliges in a job one is doing out of a professional service as a entrepreneur or a worker …; one is in a phase which appeals to ones capability to respond to accountability even more than before; one can be aware of the phases one passed on through the generations. A regular mastership comes up.

sorcerer civilian
In local elections one has become a prime voter: one gets 100 points to distribute among 11 candidate representatives. By being aware and constantly respecting ones living variety of relatives in life and here in particular in ones hometown, one gains knowledge in local situations and mutual understandings of development. It is interesting to refine in dialogue with ones fellow citizen to feel ones own presence and essential contribution by being presence too. By ones personal weaving in social affairs mutual matters clear up, or come as they are. Matters will get a forum of transparancy by talking it over and over again surveying as many perceptions as needed together. Enduring the process in a GenerationBinding provided structure people know their way out to wisdom for consultation. Not as a bank for the moneystuff, or as a shop to buy a thing, or a “daddy” … but truly as a fellow citizen who glances over ones shoulder and is able to give words in an essential enrichening manner.

entering elder
In the regional election event one has descended a step. The personal view on the political field is still to be pointed out with up to average bundle of 80 points to be shared to a minimum of 9 votees. The impression is made you are counting less than the stage before. Occasionally this is tha cease just looking to the bundle, however by gaining mastership in social affairs one has a valuable presence in the society. One will be seen and heard by ones fellow human, with among them younger generations who like to hear your stories in order to pick their thing from it. As a matter of fact your opinion on things account in the whole via those younger ones who are still ascending in their vote-accountable presence on the political core.

There may even arise an awareness of much pleasure in ones own presence, co-creating with other fellow citizen; leaving the regional voting core to your successors. You are alive!

When in respect to those aspects contra and/or supporting arguments/textures are delivered contributing the dialogue essentials,
… please come in … ; our team will promote your perceptions in the spotlight you wish.