this page was meant to put down the sites protocol ...

however a friend told me time seems to ripen up for a change to a modern way of living ...
and too much talking won't do or move the 'thing'
in a way fellow people may sense the 'thing' of harmonizing ones lifes in a big deal by sparkling tiny notions.

"the site should be available in DUTCH ..."
"well, holland is a country which has lots of modernities of the western and democracy leading properties ...
to be a guide in leading the change in politics, in a peoples politics, with globalized and localized perspectives
which are communicate-able:

Holland can be one of the countries which start a NEW WORLD SOCIETY in a NEW WAY of THINKING.
And this peoples model of harmonizing can be a dialoque opportunity for many participants ..."

so this page is a starting point underneath the english/american .com GGvoter-site
which also puts the xylophonic stairway in a dutch language ... or IN ANY OTHER language co-created by fellow humans …;-)

human in dialoque - Holland Xpin project