next image is a meditation block to reconsider our language in respect to the universal energies:

This website is a laboratory experience of a webster and the websters environment(ality) that participates in creative constructing a new kind of human behavioural, let's say in a new design of what democracy can be if designed transpassing the lessons learned until NOW.

So it seems making sense to define the 4 roles (indeed extracted to only those 4):

voter - a voter is a human being who has a voting budget in the election core; s/he is not a votee and not a 100% child nor a 100% elder (see that definitions)

votee - a votee is a potential voter, same charactertype, except for the property s/he is a (candidate) representative in the democratic arena (level local/national/global) ; the votes adjusted by a votee donot count in the electionscoring tables (they can be informative to his/her environment)

elder - an elder is a full grown up citizen, who did resign from the election core by not voting anymore; this is to be understood as the attitude of the elder to participate in a full trustworthy way with her/his environment, cq. networked communities. The election field is normative regulated by an elder propagation account in order to stimulate all members to grow up to the elder status. N.B. a person can enrole the elder election type all of her/his life, if this seems the most preferable personal choice.

child - the child is unaware of the (political) context of the election core; therefor s/he is valued to the same voting account as the votee and the elder (no voting budget).The election field of the child is normatively regulated by a child / learning type propagation account in order to stimulate all members to keep the child status as a society trigger.

= conceptual textures , are communicated in order to give YOU the opportunity to participate in the thinking process ...

if you think/sense it could have a chance for further investigation as a thing that at the end (as I am googling “US”) may be quite simple to be understood ... then i, GGvoter, suggest this page as a laboratory investigation in "How =Something Completely Different= can give you a Laugh and a Cry and ... some personal timespan later ... (i cannot know nor predict)" ...

our team will promote your perceptions in the waves of the spotlight your wish commands to navigate.