:{ a page removed from that forum site - with/out reason expressed }:

i have a vision on this (what is UCS?), dear dogon ...

(who else ?!)

it does not say that i say a true mystic thing; maybe first it is a thing of magic where one can take my story as a practical motiv to justify myself for being nice to myself - which is rather common. thoughts as getting benefit from that in the core people refer to quantitively should from my point of view not enter anyones mind. what is origin dot org ?

let me look first ... to that site ... (moment)

well, i was there 3 seconds and decided that you were the one who already checked that and used a word i lately used ;-) to enter an investigation triggered by "the cat" , "the one is not to be killed by its curiosity", "the mystic cat(,like Norit who is right now on my left arm - {{{really}}} rageboy would say)".

::intermission : Norit (it just crossed my memorymind) is associated with small black pills that stop the s*it : it helped me many times in my life to fasten up that outcome::

so, while it is not there, i tell a little bit decent talk on how ORIGIN entered my life:

i was offering my talents to a compay with the name BSO in holland:

in my period of working and pulsing there it was transformed from BSO to ORIGIN labelling itself to BSO/ORIGIN .

they created a nice holonic logo with 12 small sheets ... forming the characters B S O : 4 columns 3 lines (lets see for a moment if i can get it from our mutual search engine ...)

well, i didnot find what i was aiming for, however the search dilivered nice pictures which you can get there too ...

:: intermission: 3 pictures i share here to frame my doing ...

(was - which disappeared)

isnt this cute? well, maybe you invest the mystic bourgeoisie?

well, someone grew a beard after he'ld met me with my silly idea(l)s how to inverse some things in the minds of people - entered there by not-very-mystic idea(l)s, say just relying on the ego-centric talent of the specie involved. the green wheels started on cream white room fires as a politician ...

what was invented in that time 1990/1991 synchronic to the bso/origin NEP (nonfiction egolution productions) was (as i read jester::D) the Dreamspell version representing the Tzolkin calender and ECIAL - which is now known as generation binding s'ilence, say ::*GBS*:: (caried with both hands, 2 stars - you and me)

because of your short entry on curiosity even a small thought entered my serendepetious mind : you are familiar with some of the pictures shown ...

on my first visit to and with eckart i offered him a little exchange for his precious time:

it was a little pencilbox with playfull cats on it, in the box were 3 bunches: a white feather, 2 cigars, 3 pieces sweetwood and the box was wrapped with a white lace ( i -red heart- norway )

but unfortunately he didnt smoke cigars ;-)

so i promised him another gift which was a tape with some music on it and also 12 symbols with the characters NEP ...

the symbols?

coloured eggs ...


well this is just a fractal of a narration and a future bestseller movie ...

first we have to ree



NeuReeBah, Y our S' ace

happi days are here again :: i love you ::D & *E*