practice UNIVERSAL ENERGIES in Y'our Resonant Garden::V

a narrative on DALIN by S'ace

Given the numbers shown in a quadrant erection (oops:) a fifth number may rise from the ones given ... In this seedling we let us experience the mechanism of summarizing the lower ones.

Given the Quadrant :: (4 fingertops) of 4: 26, 13, 39, 13 (a right clockwise roundabout/wrap) we summarize 39 and (last) 13 to 52.

What pops up on 52?

Numbers of weeks in a year, Number of cards, Numerical 7 (5+2), 10 (5x2): number of fingers or toes (including the Thumbs), 13 to 4 quarters, ... :{ ad Y our S }:

Given 52 and 26 we address the Alphabeth as an option, just because 2 persons refer to their specific choice of articulating vibrational values from their personal box of 26 characters and many more pronunciations. Key here is that 2x26=52 . Numerically seen the equation becomes 8=7 , which implies that seven worlds or universes or chakra's or dimensions reach out to an empire of ways to communicate those 2 worlds of reference. Which realization lignes up with the understanding that 7 handshakes bind all the worlds individuals *(at 7 billion) to one another. Only 7.

Practioners of Equations will say 8 =not 7;
and they have a right to say so;
my aim here is to say 2x7=16 (::7::)
where the 2x4 fingertips toggle 4**2=16 as well :-))

One may say DALIN facilitates the Dialing Up to the Other one, expressed with the 4 yellow Quadrants and the 2 lines crossing and the circle marking the space within the circle and "that which remains the Same" (the UnKnown).

Interesting may be the sum of 39 and 26:

What is the beauty of 65 ?
g**gle manitou on pictures and look for 2 resonating strings ...
they represent a magic cube on 64 codes represented by nr. 1 to 64
which is not 65

here comes the story of the Holy PI Tzolkin Table ...
which T'able founds its new spot in holland lately august 2007

(if i boor you, why are you here:)

the story tells it was beautified with VENUSSHELLS ...
(toggle them too on your www-library:)

so, what about 65 ...
the key was given on a narration by VV-Valum Votan, someone who oracles numbers and numerical systems as vigesmal (not decimal - 10's but 20's as core)
this story tells the function of number 33 which is as the seedling in a peanut in 2 shells of 32 (64):
so 33 is the 65th oraclenumber within the system
and it resonates on the other "half" (64) - which lives as a whole, a holonic whole

indeed, the table ended up with 64 flowers of 4 VENUSSHELLS and the Magician FEMINIZED it by putting the seedling there too :


and ... 65 is a fractal of ... 260 :
4 to 65 = 260

funny, aint it?