General SectionWhy is a 'new' paradigm / system needed?

  • the 'old' one is not working as a system as it was meant to be
  • people sense time as a pivoting mankind enriching period of NOW; they open up to their potentials physical, mental, emotional (relational) into spiritual dimensions
  • technical revolutions came in 3 waves and end a cycle which froze brainframes which are not to be dissolved to a liberation essence which enabled the next cycle

Who determines on this 'new' pivoting paradigm?
  • we can say this will not be the politicians working in the paradigm of the second millenium 'onemanonevote'
  • entrepeneurs of business will join global unity striving circles of energy to pulse the idea to the people
  • politicians will resign or will pivote themselves if they have a personal strife of doing so
Will this not be much too complex for people to understand?
  • if people can manage to buy 3 articles for 20 units of 11 for 100 units, they can manage to arrange their votees
  • dont forget the novelty technology offers people in comforting their needs; which on the other hand misleads to idle behaviour of the voter citizen; gbm 'handles' the dangerous behaviours appreciated
  • a voter will not vote once in four years but the new situation may lead to an average of 3 to 10 times a year! so the experience by the event of voting is upgraded 12 to 40 times and may even be an issue on schools
Who will decide on the options in or out of the system?
  • as a start welll** (our international morphogenetic oriënted board) provides a working system to nations which is far more solid, integer, generations & people binding (in the heartbrain) and more. So why bother in the first place?
  • small nation related tuning is easily provided
  • this question opens our perception on feasibility of a global people coherency oriënted system which pro-activates people to raise their voice (in style)
? (USA lady) I do not understand the connection made here to voting and democracy ...
  • i guess i'll have to ask you to imagine what democracy in the u.s.a. brings a voter when the voter realizes that the choices (s)he has are between 2 guys who are members of the same group of power ... is there a real choice?

    the next statement, i'ld like to share and ask a question ...

    "each person is all decisions made in freedom"

    So if freedom is the awareness of making decisions ...could it be sensible to practise the individual decision making 'all the time'?

    Is it sensible for a democracy to stimulate the awareness of all members?

    Notion: the option to vote by 'one vote to one votee' may be a system which worked in a room where say 30 man choose one of them as a representative.

    In a complex world we explored by revolutionary technologies statement is that the voting system doesnot work anymore in such a complexity.In such a field ... complexity can be reduced by working together in a matrix which by stimulating a kind of chaos forces an order harmonic ...

    This is represented by the mayan calendar The Tzolk'in, which binds the physical and positional western world to the psychological and intuitional 'oriental' world.

    So pivoting the democracy we're used at nowadays to a worldwide acceptable democracy we innerly feel as right and valuable as an end-goal of the voter's dialoque is in fact the link between voting and democracy and my answer this question.

? (USA lady) I don't seem to be able to grasp either how the voting system works, or how this will bring about a higher consciousness / more effective system.
  • Well, this aint easy to make this clear ... however a little anecdote may after a natural event of silence ... give a breakthrough ...

    all my life i'm aware of a voting system which allows me (in europe) to crosscheck my democratic contribution one day in 4 years to one party and to one candidate. (please mark the difference between presidential democracy in the states and party coalition form in europe)i'm aware of a lot of noise in the last month before the election day goes.but as a member of a demos i'ld like to share my 1 point to some votees i'ld like to collaborate with one another because of the energy they together shine on me. not one single person of them can carry my vote ... because i feel the 'group mind' with all the contrapoints they deal with.

    so the idea of replacing 1 point to 20/40/60/80/100 points is born the same time the relation impulsion is created by sharing those point to a minimum of 3/5/7/9/11 votees: the tension between me, the voter, and my team of votees really fascinates me ... and gets me as a citizen in full charge of my own universe ... All the time i'm able to manage my team of representatives when i feel the urge to do so. Doing the action is 'my knowing', it is 'my study of life'!

  • Well there is much more to say about it ... but i hope welll** gave you an answer which stimulates in some way to open up the dialoque between the physical (light?) and the psychological (dark?) worlds which do really exist both in some kind of a dance.
? (Dutch Entrepeneur) Who can be a votee or a representative? Is there a clue to this (party) dilemma?
  • anybody can be a votee / representative ... (just like the previous centuries) however there a no barrières exept (in concept) raising true voice
  • there is a simple formula which leads this votee-dance: if you're a votee ... you will not be a voter ; and, of course, the other way around ...
  • uh? how come? you might ask ... welll, if you are a representative you are a representative for those people who are less than 8 years old and for thos people who are older than 85 years of age ...


    Well, you might say the representative is loyal to those people and those ones didnot start voting yet or did stop to vote for the rest of their life. ;-) simple, aint it!