This site discusses the Tzolkin, Time Harmonic Module. They put in questions with knowledge and interest in the queest and planets harmonizing developments.

Who will decide on the options in or out of the system?
We’ll building the bridge when we walk on it?Trusting our capabilities to work and live together ;-)

There will be options as a system constaint, as a global human constraint, as a continental constraint, as another unity constraint what seems reasonable to the votee&voter board chosen.
I have read the voter site. Have you tested it?
(retorical: is one man one vote ever tested?and how does it prove, waterproof, watergate, ….gate:)it is discussed to be a workshop experience in the EU-debate of ‘everyone is a citizen, baby’ ...Testing has many perspectives; just to mention some:

  • how does the voter like the option to be a coach building a team of a variety of 3 or more players?
  • after selection of a team how interesting is the focus and the awareness of the citizen on poltical, cultural, relational issues and does it feel okay to have the option to now and then reschedule the team of a complex & learnsome personal decision-making process?
  • how does the votee, the representative, like the qualities which are brought by this new way of voting, of marketing opinions and sensibility? didn’t a votee wanna close the gap between his achievements and his backing crowd?
  • is there a different outcome in the target of voting, composing a government with (reliable and communicatively-rich) people?
  • ... (many more, BRING THEM IN !)

I couldn't find a more practical explanation on how exactly it works. Does it need a software to work?
yep, it needs a tool to experience and support the voting process.
As a matter of fact a software company showed interest to develop a demo.I think lots of software developers could be in a competition to develop the most appropriate system ;-) must be an option which is done before (LINUX-like?)
Could this system be used to manage a new kind of organization?
YES, i like this question (deep thinking questioner!) because the immanent modern mechanism within the system is the balancing, communication promoting power to have a flow between people higher of longer in a organisation and the basic workers and young executives within the democratic decisionmaking process. As if the first group are the older generations and the other ones the younger, while in fact in business age is not a discriminating factor. Settled workers have less voting power while their “vote-argument” and “coach” quality is felt and visible via the strong voters (discriminators by argument).
Imagine this working on a corporation...presidency mandate, shareholders voters...can it be?
Again, it can be, i.e. the power of the matrix is of a universal strenght, and really is recognized by the shareholder-citizen. I think this should be explained in a living document on the site (which can be discussed and refined in dialoque?). I’ll put the shortcut here too, when it is available (applicable to more questions/answers)
Lets talk more on your would you explain it to someone who doesn’t know the 13th calendar? Another challenge huh?
Just imagine the 13/20 matrix as all kind of people, which it actually represents inclusive the I Ching oracles ..., living together in harmony?The wheel inside is the heartpulse and the mastermind of the community ...Just dream of it and more words to the imagined wheel of life will not be needed for the natural way, intuitive thought, of sharing a planet.
The challenge may be the thought that one man one vote could never be a sustainable system for a harmonic worldsociety. To make someone getting to the other side of the river your bridge have to reach where they are first ;-)
The bridge game was exercised with the cardgame of bridge some 5 years ago. A protocol gbm0 and 13 cards gbm1-13. Maybe i’ll put this vision (a kind of egolution, ego-loosening, enlightening phase) on the website ... as a kind of chronicle.Before i can guide people to the bridge and suggest to cross it ... what circumstances could help us? Universal time? Spirit? Bolon Ik (just a Tzolkin archetype, one out of 260 charactertypes)?