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this site is a continuous construction which expresses a peoples calendred dialoque with a third millenium mind model for a democracy vivid (playfull, sustainable learning, healing) voting system.

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World: If this kind of #^@%&!!^ is to be avoided, we must begin without delay to educate ourselves and our children for freedom and self-government. Such an education for freedom should be ... first of all in facts and in values — the facts of individual diversity and genetic uniqueness and the values of freedom, tolerance and mutual charity, which are the ethical corollaries of these facts.

get your peak speak anytime speaking

5 dimensions of evolution in yellow sunsealsymbols

I-seed II-star III-human IV warrior V sun

which can be imagined by

I-potential II-cosmic chaos III-freedom IV-pivoture V-harmony

this website is about a dialoque between 2 matrices :

the tzolkin harmonic matrix (THM)- dreamlive revelation wave

& the generation binding matrix (GBM):

GBM offers an alternative peoples voting systemwhich offers a IIIth millenium paradigm which replaces in due time the old IInd millenium system onemanonevote

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The Tzolkin Harmonic Matrix we refer to waves through 5 submatrix each of 4 sunseal types. Each submatrix starts and ends in the domain of BINDING. Starting the DREAM from BINDED state of mind we travel through REASON images and MYSTIC images to a NATURAL state of mind to visualize. Within the NATURAL state of mind 'something' pivots, or just happens and we enter LIFE from NATURAL state of mind back through MYSTIC images and REASON images to the domain of BINDING ('feet on the ground').

Module I, in example, builts up inner INPUT energy essences:

the next images lead to pages that mostly are to be filled in co-creation with fellow citizens, babeye ;-)it'll show a balloon!

I - input

awareness > intuition > breath > being > breath > intuition > awareness

II - store

art > healing > opportunity > instinct > opportunity > healing > art

III process

wisdom > illusion > loyalty > flow > loyalty > illusion > wisdom

IV output

fearlessness > mind > receptivity > wakefulness > receptivity > mind > fearlessness

V matrix

life > energy > order > synchronicity > order > energy > life

the dance based on an extended interpretation of LASKI REVELATION:all in a pattern of:

binding > reason > mystic > nature > mystic > reason > binding
synchrone to the 6 steps of laski's revelation:

1 ask a question

2 search for the answer

3 be determined to find the clue to the answer

4 give it all up - allow the silence of the all

5 be aware of the given clue

6 share your awareness with your intimates


7 be your new self (related to the question mutualy answered)
') step 7 is added by welll** to the known state of laski's 6 steps; argument here is the fact that individuals may be pushed back to a state of doubt as the state described in step# 1; when the individual has reached step 7 a 'fallback' to another search on the same question may arise to the individual. within the rules of the waves to be respected by the members of welll** & allied partners this is not an acceptable behaviour which can be tolerated without any kind of feedback (or even 'pain' or 'remorse').____________________________________________________________________

welll** communicates this topic in a dynamic dialoque with people who are willing to be prepared to the 2012 / 2013 cosmic event which is already happening ... (however you may not have sensed it?)

while being focussed now & then on this planet dialoque one will get an image of the natural time harmonic within the old Mayan birth calender the Tzolkin. AWAKE & JOIN this PLANETS PEOPLES PARTY & BUILD the NEW PEOPLES VOTING SYSTEM !

MOMENTUM November / December 2004or rather (in calendar2013)overtone moon 5 peacock

Democracy systems seem to fail the human urge for relating to one another in a living, natural way expressed in the sense of mutual understanding of what happens to mankind over all this planet we seem te share.

Note of awareness:an ACTION is needed to pivot the paradigm which fundamented our democracy for decades or even centuries. In the eye of welll** (origin well, or if you prefer human medium, of this textures) the basic thing to be changed is the 'system' which underlies to our way of choosing our representatives. The 'old' system is based on 'one man one vote' & 'the winner takes it all'.

Welll** offers a new paradigm of how we relate to one another on the moments of choosing representatives & at the same time a field where we all are supposed to be a part of in relation with one another (all another) in lots of dimensions and types of relations.

This website offers a perception on the new paradigm GBM - Generation Binding Matrix token from the archetypes (re)known from the old mayan birth calendar the Tzolkin. The perceptions will be both on the old and on the new paradigm of how we can vote, and how we voters relate to votees and vice versa.

Invitation to the reader in essence is to BE a member of NOW.This dialoque strives to be free of any prejudice, cultural of social.
It is meant to share the perceptions on the new model of how people can relate to one another in decision making processes.
Which is in fact the reason to weave the new voting system together with the urge for a new calendar, such as 13moon. The calendar is a way to catalyze a global oriëntation on our language, our way of earnest communication, and time, being the 4th dimension of the universal program which guides human kind.So, enjoy & join if you are prepared ...

welllmmmwe lllth millenium minds marmoreus

so remember the intention of this site:- sharing the ideas of the generation binding matrix using the Tzolkin matrix as a form, as a mixture of archetypes and as a combination of actions, powers and essences- sharing the experiences while living in a new time-matrix of NOW in relation to the 'old' system and the 'new'system of how we can relate to one another in a modern world:{ and last but not least to be honest ... - getting inspired by all those people who energize in a harmonic way with us, welll**, we third millenium mind stars }:

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V____________________________________V__lately received mailing ... hopefull message:they are no longer operating as separate individuals but are actually thinking together to come together in shared exploration. When the group reaches a certain level of coherence, generally there's some higher level of order that comes into the room and it's very noticeable to peoplethere's a kind of group intuition that developsthe group as a whole becomes a tuning fork for the inflow of wisdom.

xxxxx a friendCome Together

Can we discover a depth of wisdom far beyond what is available to individuals alone? by Craig HamiltonChapter 1: A DIFFERENT KIND OF KNOWING

It's July 2003, and fifteen top telecom executives have gathered at a small island retreat off the coast of Maine. Tensions are high as they head into a three-day summit to discuss the future of the industry. Since the advent of wireless service and the web, companies have been scrambling to stay ahead of the technological curve, and amid growing market competition, it has become clear that some new thinking is needed.

For the first two days, the talks are frustrating.


(see link COME TOGETHER on the main objectives page for the whole story)

And I, the skeptic, told you once that gravity was one of your impossible dreams. Well, that kind of thing keeps coming up in the universe all the time. Quarks were once surprises. So were neutrons, protons, atoms, and “things.”

What will happen with our thoughts and feelings?
Will we transubstantiate them?
Will we be an evolutionary misstep, or will we prove our mettle?
Will we seed surprises that defy today's imaginings?