The Lecture on This InterMission is scheduled on next label {nov18,Kan12}

This weekend Creative Friction Awareness merged the Matrix to the Spiral and vice versa;

Realizing this kind of Birth the foetus "GBMatrix" is relabeled to Generation Binding Silence {oct30,Chichan6)

update/redraft dec 8, 2005
as a fundamental point of view welll** refers to the 'theory of everything' ( Ken Wilber )
which feeds the visualizations and hereby the realisations of
this new world order of mutually sharing it in a cosmic democratic harmonic.

imagine ... and try to hold on in the dream and realisation of a new model weaving human interaction sharing our well:

a paradigm of self-esteem in relation.

Thirteen Points
that may Revelate a common Pivote-Sense in order to Dialogue on a Well-Bred Attitude …
Redesigning Human Harmonizing (=Political) Interest ...

I - doubt well

Visualize your relation as a voter to the votees (representative or candidates or list) as a one to many relationship in stead of the one to one relationship, which is the virtual relationship built in a 'one man one vote' election campaign.

But as Benjamin Barber stated it today ( oct 6 2005 – “MoedMoet” / “On Courage” - Leiden/Holland):

"you cannot point to a single (wo)man ! and say (s)he has to do the job."

"Wouldn't it be more wise to practise decision-making on a person participating community more and more,
starting with a new communication model of voting?" we asked ourselves ...

So imagine you might have 20 voterpoints to divide to 3 votees, A, B & C.
Would this idea improve your contribution is sharing your citizens opinion on 3 candidates out of many more
and at the same time to your vision in which votees can relate to one another in a team
which may legitimately (in your perception fed by dreams and real life)
be in charge of the citizens core known by the name 'the government'?

II - living in relation

Would the availability of a real time voting system comfort you as a citizen
when you are able to revote or rather change your values to the team
whenever you want energize & evaluate your new sights on your relation(s)?
The GBM model/implementation will offer this freedom of vote
and practising decision-making at the moment you as a citizen are inspired
and maybe even passionated to do so. ')

') realtime has no immediate media effect:
imagine a poll on the voting system will be done trice a year to show the public wide respons on practised policies;
the promoters of this system make a strong argument out of the fact that
immanent resonance energy on and from the participating voter as a citizen's self will revitalize
while a new idea on his personal representative team can be accounted for in the memorysystem of the whole community.
It may even be a noospheric theme which establishes a “one” planets human mind.

III - lifephases

Would it be reasonable to offer young ones a smooth start in participating in a democracy voting system?
GBM offers a matrix with lifephases that
each one is related to a number of points to divide
and to a minimum number of votees to attach the points to. (later more)
GBM promotes the idea that young ones can already participate on the first step of the matrix
at the age of 8 on the local event and at the age of 15 on the national event.

IV - universal style

Can you imagine a way to be in a dialoque with the right people at the right time on the right subject?
Well, maybe we can assure you sticking to the 'old' system paradigm of 1Man1Vote this wish may always turn out to be an illusion.
Well, GBM offers a systematic spiral which intensifies the dialoque in a universal style
(just experience for yourself & may Ggvoter invite you to see through the image below VI?).

V - mirroring life

In III we mentioned the steps ...
A dialogue model is designed which offers a way up from step 0 & 1 to step 5 & a way down from step 5 to 1 & 0 back again.
In this way it is just like the mirror of real life ;-)

VI - organic rythm

The rythm of the steps are in the pace of 7 years.
So after a period of 20 points to vote to 3 votees, you enter a period of 40 points to vote to 5 votees.
Step 5 provides 100 points to a minimum of 11 votees.

260 coloured boxes in a dynamic, playfull, spiraling DNA order
Orientation Lines which shape a proportional binding reference to all player-types.

”If the 13 numbers are the Light that arouses the Mind & Body,
then the 20 directional positions are the Water that nourishes this very samen Mind & Body.
In the Interplay of 13 numbers & 20 symbols lies the in-Dwelling galactic code-bank
that informs the Resonant Structures comprising the symbol-woven tapestry of our Reality.”
The Mayan Factor p.89 / Valum Votan <= Pacal Votan (ref. CosmicHistoryChronicle p.29)

VII - dissolvation

The steps downwards (after 50 years of lifelearning age) are in pivoting the weak forces of life
and thereby the most important revelations citizens being wise people will develop in a lifetime
(we hope you may agree upon this one!).
A universal fact may be the idea that when a man grows older,
s/he has all the time less time to live which s/he had before.
The ultimate harmonic of a citizen may be the citizen
who understands the essentials of a whole citizen himself and lives in orchestral resonance with the other ones.
So why do you have to vote,
if you participate in a society of essential relatives?
Indeed, GGvoter promotes by implementing the GenerationBindingMatrix the idea
that it makes sense to learn the life from young up to middle aged
and to dissolve the (voting) life in the ongoing evolution of the personal life or even in transcedence.

VIII - pulsing political sensibility

Distribution of points delivers the citizen an option to divide and rule his vision
to the themes and/or the votees with most coherence.
The awareness of ones position as a citizen in ones biotope
will be vitalized by the perceptions on several votees as ones representatives.
Bringing together paradoxal political persons in ones team
is a way of expressing ones own continious developing vision (personal cultural binding and unbinding)
on co-operative, co-creative forces and communicative potentials.

IX - polling & electiondays

The system is not polled for every day, however citizen can vote every day whenever they feel the urge to do so.
The idea is to publicly poll the system several times (3?) a year.
Each 4 years a leap year day may be the day people cannot change their vote for a day.
This day is the 'new' election day.

GGvoter promotes the idea politicians cannot influence (if so till now)
the elections by what they say or promise ...
but more and more by what they do and what they energize or rather
contribute to the binding and unity of all people.

X - implementation

In 2007 this system is discussed to be implemented in at least 3 (system satellite) countries on this planet.
And Holland, the Netherlands, may be the first one because of
its state of the political art,
its communicative bridge function (breeded as a trade oriented nation)
& the short histories lately tragicly illustrated
by the murder of a 'new order priministre' such as mr. Pim Fortuyn
and due to religious & governmental & mediative mis-dialoques
by the killing of a 'modern film maker' and 'free speech person' such as mr. Theo van Gogh.

XI - spiral dynamics

The model is, and you may argue in dialoque with us,
fully equiped to guide people and countries through this age marked by 2012 / 2013 cosmic truths.
Experimental website builders will be supported
by those modern structures beyond the physical frontiers of statesand their statesman.
A totally new concept of how people can regain their political voice ...
can only be alive while those youngthinking generations reclaim their spiral dynamics.

XII - work definition shift

The idea of a universal people who unite in a harmonic time of peace
may frighten people who work in some industries (eg. those whom push ammunitions).
Guess we have to hold on to the faith
that we can and shall deal with the problems that may arise in a way of the new-human style.

XIII - mantra

one time - one planet - one community - one wave

in one vibration and meditational gesture this mantra can ceremonical be confirmed by doing the


When in respect to those aspects contra and/or supporting arguments/textures are delivered contributing the dialogue essentials,
… please come in … ; our team will promote your perceptions in the spotlight you wish.

  • to release the blocked notion on the issue of HOW TO REALIZE this modern voting system ... we may invite you to recall some historic person of your awareness who rebelled as never before by introducing new perceptions on the 'common' and 'accepted' knowledge of a time.
  • Building The Site GGvoter entered the CosmicHistoryChronicles Series of 7 books
    The Law of Time and the Reformulation of the Human Mind
    as a well of inspiration to resonate the Courage Nerve as a Sensible Way to Pass our Way Through ... To...Gether