End 2008 a special agent visited me in Holland and handed over a Tahirih Medal. In a short time 2 other things happened in a "flashtime beam": i unmasked the Maslow Pyramid for a total different story. I also set some models/narratives in the world that basically hang on several techniques on the similar pattern. They include the scientific/cultural unmasking work of Clare Graves Theory know by the product Spiral Dynamics, a leadertype-model built by Martin Buber and Tzolkin Archetypes and Dynamic Modes => here an entry

After that period my ancient history treasury box spranfg open on march 6, 2009 : as if the numbers 3 6 9 and 20 were pretty entanggled with one another ... and they do :

  • 3 interconnects 3 6 9
  • 6 and 9 have the similar form - 180 degrees rotated!
  • 20 is 4x5 and 5x4 (4+5=9)

And by being in touch with the Mayan Calender from a Servant Perspective i am gifted with creative sense on serendipity strings. So, i saw how 28 is perfectly mused by number 3 and 9!

How can that be?

(You, tell me how that can be?)

I saw the ever appearing 7777 illustration for a 13moon as pretty booring! However i can see it as a good starter to exercise some building blocks in the mosaic as a utopic vision.

So i saw the 3x9 is 27 daya and +1 is the Daya out of Moon Experience!

Crux: that is pretty similar as the (former) Day out of Time at july 25 in that whole 13Moon World ~ until that day of March 6, 2009 - aha lets us have its spell - KIN122 right here:

White Overtone Wind
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Core Clan- Fire

I empower in order to communicate
Commanding breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of heart

pfff - i had this (writing this on KIN128 - over a 260 round later) number "ONE TwentyTwo" lately on the TMQ pages - see for that?.

Okay, enough said - lets go for the starter image:

In this phase i was pretty much initiated by the 7 plasmic seals attached to the 7 affirmations of Padmasambhave - so that is why the green one is at position 9 (or 8 starting at 0-zero)

I realised myself the 7 seals had just one seal as an agent ... and the other 2 sets of 3 as physical realm and the telepathic one ... - see this "bivid" phase here

Note: see how the numbers 1 to 9 establish number 45 (9 & 1 & 20)

Wouldn't it be better when the 3 realms all were in a trinity mode as in the rhythm APPPATTTA ... where A=agent P=physical T=telepathical ? That would also fit with the hemispheres we all have on board as equipment to handle: Brain has 2 halves and it has a bridge viceversa (2 bridges? or 1 bridge for 2 modes).

There we have the power to be sharp on what happens and be not framed by "false memes". And a false meme is the "traders trick" to make money out of "your" lack of consciousness to handle things on awareness and cryastal clear mode(s). Note? Be sure all statesman are in favour of controlling the wholly scene by accomodating traders traffics (as EEG) => they pretty good know who pays there salary - but then how can we the people be on such un-trustfull vibes with the ones we installes to do a job?

"Well - times they do a change at a chance, don't they Bob?"

What can a Cosmic Germinated Linguistical Approach mean?

I put an entry for this one on my blog here.

Tip: it might occur to us that culture is greatly influenced by language ... and language did get pretty violent in the "mean"time exchanging the battle fields into quarreling chambers and squares ... (?)