practice UNIVERSAL ENERGIES in Y'our Resonant Garden::V

a short Space Time story ...

a narrative on LIMIME by S'ace

Given the numbers shown in a quadrant erection
a fifth number may rise from the ones given ...
In this seedling we let us experience the mechanism of summarizing the lower ones.

Given the Quadrant :: (4 fingertops)
of 43, 18, 61, 25 (a right clockwise roundabout/wrap)
we summarize 25 and 61 to 86 (14/2).
as the exercise is
to see the relational formula within the vibrations by number given,
the quadrant refers to Three 7's given the add-formula
and One 7 given the distraction formula (8-1) ; 86 gives 14 which is 2x7 ... ;
hidden and now revealed in a creative act is 104 (43 + 61)
which relates to 52 and 13 (8x)
18 is the mirror / etznab ; given 0+19 sunseals
what to be said without going mad at all?
take care of your limits at dis/charge ...

limi-me refers at the mime ... L is again the power character & i is the new scripture of the english "I" , which is hereby declared to old-standard(s) ...
:{ add Y our S }:

One may say LIMIME listens to the ACTION commands, symbolized by the ~<.b> (wave) to make a fool copy-act ... fully accepting the deliverance of the leader of the pack ...

the story of the L'arche ...