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“Each personality is aware to some extent of the true freedom that belongs to its own inner consciousness.”

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

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From: S´ace g root
Date: Monday, November 12, 2007
Topic: Integral Design

Reply to: 261508

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dear patrick,

i was triggered by this line:

"We can have the true nature of each other and all of us through beingness"

to do a journey effort in experiencing different approaches to life ...

let me narrate a little bit on 2 figures , 2 totally different images, functionally and by origin not rational to be referenced ... and still it might become an approach for those who have no plan at all to see for what comes up ...

( with a sensational sniff for serendepity )

what are the 2 figures?

1. is the planetary manitou (AC and CA polarity'), it is a line graph of a harmonic representation of 64 numbers in a magic harmonic box. "It is a function of the mathematical marvel of the magic square of eight, "discovered" by Benjamin Franklin." representing the construction of the human body by 64 codons.
Here we use it not as a truth but as a reference to have a sensational experience in departing from an unknown perception ... (free in order to travel in the unknown)

2. is the generation binding matrix set up for a generational approach for communities where the local approach co-operates on the notional (i use another entity than the "old one" - national) approach where people address their votees and their coaliscion where their personally chozen votees on trust for their personality and for the strong belief of the voter to mesh up a good team energizing an integral outcome. (below the local as the basis, above the notional for the planetary mission of all humans)


Let us see for some details on the Generation Binding Cells Grids:

left column gives a measure reference for cosmic awareness : UP; and gives a measure reference for mutual/civic awareness : DOWN; measure is given by an orientation field by a budget at each ones pocket to submit in the election arena for assigning your trustees/votees in a team-alliance.

right column gives the minimum number of trustees/votees you have to assign in your team where relations are interconnecting on common affairs. NOTE: you see that the LOCAL arena has 2 lines; this is giving an option to a local community to simplyfy the Notional Range (3/5/7/9/11) to a more convenient one: 3/4/5/6/7 : the minimum of choices to be made while sharing a budget and overcoming by learning the doubt while making decisions in a field of (LOVE?) complexities. (max. half of the budget can go to 1 votee/trustee)

LIFE ~~~ here we see a horizontal or -tale which catalyses both sides Notional and Local :: HOW? :: well, you can be aware of the fact that in this fundamentality the toddlers and elders are left out :: each cell is covering up 7 years of age - a generation( -half / -third / -slice ) :: LEFT OUT :: well, they only are left out on the political election game - of course we, the civic society, are taking care of them.
And ... Votees are here too - simple for the fact that while they choose to be a representative in the decision course, they agree on having the same budget as toddlers and elders: 0 points as a budget (aint this funny; and do you see old politicians smiling proudly while they drop their vote on themselves in a box - how cute! and dumm:)

upper graph represents a schedule in your lifetime where you start on the age of 15 and get 20 point to assign to a minimum of 3 votees of your personal choice : say, you deliver a pretty unique couple (which identifies).

lower graph represents a similar schedule, however you are starting at 8 years of age in the local society to learn to trust other people ;-) which is a reason for you to go to school ... or enter a community on the internet ...
indeed a strange thing happens between 43 and 49: you get 20 point less than the period before and after ... WHY is THAT?
well, this is the designers fault or dissonant that makes the music : according to the devil that ingited this schedule in the designers mind, the voter has the upmost points in the Notional Core, so s/he cannot have the upmost budget in the Local Core either. well, this is a binding reason, isn't it? It is also been said that it is good for a mature wo/man to realize oneself that life is about living together and (lots of things can be said to that)

Let us see for some details on the AC & CA Manitou Strings / Weavings:

Twin Circuits In this regard, it is very helpful to study the twin circuits of the Planetary Manitou in their eight strand sequences, four per Manitou. Remember to think of the CA as having been folded out from the AC so that it is actually a mirror replica of the AC:

Red & Green The 1st red (Way of the Tree AC) and the 4th light green (Way of the Transcendent Fourth CA) are perfect mirror pairs;

Blue & Orange The 2nd light blue (Way of Conduct AC) and 3rd orange (Way of Wielding Power CA),are perfect mirror pairs.

Violet & DarkGreen The violet 8th (Way of the Galactic Octave AC) and the dark green 5th (Way of the Irresistible Fifth CA) are perfect mirror pairs.

Purple & DarkBlue The purple 7th (Way of the Telepath AC) and dark blue 6th (Way of the Galactic Octave CA) are perfect mirror pairs.


(this for the moment - do you come in with a question / label and iii narrate the clarification)

see later for this topic in the forum and when a story is popping up on your address - well, i like to see it here in this topic - universal consciousness

Be Blessed and Experience Freely


A: We can have the true nature of each other

B: We can have all of us through beingness

1: planetary manitou as an expression of DNA

2: generation binding as an expression of Time/Life

What may be the right combinations:

a)1A & 2B or b)1B & 2A or c)both spiraling through Day and Night?

or d) ... (your interpretation)

the vertical view on the same:

') indeed what is AC & CA Manitou?

Quote: Manitou :: the Galactic Broadcasting Network - GBN - is the means for dialing up, receiving and transmitting telepathically. But you have to know how to use it.

AC :: As the first Bolontiku is aroused, the awakening of the AC Manitou will be experienced as a mental quickening, a perceptible mind shift - one half of the psi bank, electrified as it were. The telepathy will increase, especially among those following the synchronic codes of time. Signals to return to the Earth will become stronger. Earth based alliances of communities, the New Time Party, will become ever more important as the manifestation of the Aboriginal Continuity.

CA :: "The completion of the AC Strand, Cube Position 8, (AD 2004-05), is a moment of supreme joy and celebration. The Earth Wizards are firm in their spiritual trust; they are noble in their accomplishment of the Four Rune Strands of the Way of Conduct. The Rings of Earth receive and give the signal for the magnetic switching of the memory plates of UR, from the AC, Aboriginal Continuity, to the CA, Template of Cosmic Awareness. The Planetary Manitou of Aboriginal Continuity has been empowered. The Manitou of Cosmic Awareness awaits its fulfillment." Earth Wizard's Little Book of Practical Conduct, pp. 76-77.

the signature of an angel

"the meaning iii get out of this?" "well, what to say here ... can you let the meaning iii give to that for my conclusion while moving?" "well, okay ... deal" - "i see a "Q", an "Y" and a 9 (or 6 pivoting to 9 - which is CANCER-sign - as mine) which aligns to the Lord of Time number 9 and to the BOLON IK sign SOLAR (TzolKin dreamspell-variance) ; where "Q" spells to ask and pass Your Questions while moving ; and understand the meaning of "Y" (why duality) ... which is all framed by the spontane name "YaniQ" iii spelled for our common LOVE ...

"but THEN, what is "ani"?" - "Good Question, let us toggle 1 13 9 - to open the box of pandora?" - "..." (fainted)

a gossip in my intimate companions says that iii must be Quetzalcoatl, which cannot be true because iii am S'ace and have no Feathers, althought some court may cover the feathers in due time on the hot pitch ( by my fellow directors on ); which iii see as a good gesture to pivot my prince of the crown Alexander (alles-anders :: all different/changes); but why tell - you will not believe me because you donot like nightmares - and iii love them

Mission Vision Network Democracy

A co-creative workspace for Universal Global Communion
S´ace g root - Signed in

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