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the manitou and the organizational need for a thing as
Generation Binding S'lence as Democratic Agent / Angel }:


LaW of TiME ::**:: PSI * ME * NU

What is the Manitou - origin

The Planetary Manitou, the design of our DNA organized as a wholetemplate, is nothing less than the design of our body and soul. One design suffices for the creation of six billion humans. One design suffices for the resurrection of as many humans as will "survive" the judgement day. And when the resurrection is complete we will once again be as "one person." I did not invent the design of the Planetary Manitou. It is a function of the mathematical marvel of the magic square of eight, "discovered" by Benjamin Franklin. The universe is far more mysterious than the Hubble Telescope will ever be able to focus upon. We are simply instruments of a greater design and purpose. This returns usto our theme: Practice, practice, practice!

The Planetary Manitou is awakened through the practice of gathering the Star Bundles, one every thirteen weeks, four per year, 32 per Manitou, 64 star bundles in all. The Rinri Project, along with the Star Bundle gathering is for awakening the one, planetary "over soul" of all us. This thirteenth week of Practice means that on the fourteenth day of this Moon we shall have completed another Star Bundle, thirteen Codon sequences Cubed, one more Codon complete in all of its thirteen permutations; one more facet of the psi bank opened up, one step closer to universal transcension. The science of the spirit is an exactingscience, no less than physics. But as the science of the spirit, it is the awakening of our soul-the human and planetary holons inresonance-and so it is a science that in each of us that practices it, it involves and demands all of our being in a whole commitment.

Let us not lose heart, but continue our daily Rinri Practice, Earth Wizards in the making!