To succeed onto a Mastering Process on Yourselves, you must have three / 3 Qualities:
dedication, discipline and determination to change (d'emocracy).

~ On a ningsite IN COMM-UNITY the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs was requested for Alternatives on That Focus / Mental construct ...

~ While being active in this field of involution from 1985 ~ being ignite by a norwegian breen / glaciers crack ~
it struck my designers impulse on what the delusion was - all the time:
you position a pyramids "truth" from a Russian Breeded Abraham Harold Maslow in the Mind of Receptive Believers ...
( what was the trigger to make them receptive to that "longing" .. FREEDOM? LIFE-FORCE? )

Here a brief compilation of what Maslow Pyramid is about:

~ ... and the designers skilled talented and explores mind produces a total alternative personatal sound in a timeslot that precisely needs that alternative ... to the open minds that can awaken out of a "hypnotic state" ...

~~ "as our dutch priministre says - as noble as he can be - we decided not to take on our 10% salary plus because of ? ")

') here ? can be

  • global crisis
  • democratic crisis
  • moral crisis
  • sign of the times

Well Well Well ~ and how do you use your special servant today, my princess ?

Anyhow, simply because ministers have discharged themselves by their lack of open-mindedness ... (ref. NoStyle-interview and ReactionStyle) the nomads in the peoples womb have to rise (again) and set the new times as axis of "desperate spiritual" spinning wheels ... so therefor we are equiped with the internet and sites and blogs etc. and we nomads at keyboards and living in the world as well - at well ...

In 1st draw we just see for the 5 levels and the pyramids idea ... where the top is in the air ...

As a designer and jester mind you simply turnover the shape - which ends up in a pyramid on its top as a bottom (one might say change the masculine (warhead?) perception to a feminine (bear(h)eart(h)?) perception) ... and then see for the placemate where to put the intellectual spheres you "saw":

mark the 3 * angles as wombs ... they are fruitfull places for a "child"
as a total new idea strucks the mind by splendor
revelation from a miracle experience
;-{ ... }-:

  • earth intelligence because of its capability to create a sphere (strato-, iono-, tropo-, noo)
  • physical intelligence (matter - plant - animal - húman)
  • emotional intelligence (family, digestion, overcome, twinning and twining)
  • mental intelligence (nation, power system, ethical reveil, mature(d) (2009?) democracy)
  • spiritual intelligence (ending up dead-end streets, obama, world and húman grid alignment, egolútion)

Then we have 4 stars at the open triangle:

  • YelloW
  • BluE
  • RED

  • YelloW ~ as the ripening state of the húman to take up its destiny role in a unity / one planetary organism - earth
  • BluE - as the transformation ion token by pivoting the "do to have" - mantra into "have to do" - conclusion / command-DO
  • RED - as the initiating challenge to build down/up from no-thing
  • WHITE - as the refined opportunity to articulate our means properly at heart by earth (its illusionary opposite - its challenge at spark)

~~~ Description of the Playfully the Right Site of the Image

  • 1 x YelloW
  • 2 x BluE
  • 3 x WhitE
  • 4 x ReD
  • 5 x GreeN
  • + one extra ~ OrangE

MARK the inner words: ello(=Hello) ~ hit ~ ree ~ rang !

What can they imply - to me not having planned this - it just got out of the creative streamy impulse ;-{ ... }-:

according to the dynamic serial i have oriented my spin as a reference in situations ...

  • 1 x YelloW
    is both PUREPOSE and PRESENCE at instance (because of the FREE & SKILLED/OPEN MIND STATE)
  • 2 x BluE
    is both CHALLENGE and COOPERATION (the truthfull & implicit trusted partner)
  • 3 x WhitE
    is both SERVICE & LIBERATION (by digesting the attention in that task/duty/call)
  • 4 x ReD
  • 5 x GreeN
  • + one extra ~ OrangE
    this can be The Other One ~ YouR Partner


As an extra the image pops up some notions that were at the moment when it came out as a mushroom ~~~ ;-)

see & listen & enjoy :


~~~ ZUGABE offered for LUNA~TikS' ;-)>~~~~~

( ik is the mayan cute key to spirit , as a function of GoD )

what is 4+5=9 :: 20=4x5 ?

"GooD Question ~ Studious Member ... of a Class"

4 is a pointer to the designer and labourer/skilled man who work together at all stages of a building and usage/application process ; it also point at the so called 4 elements
this image may be a map:

"+" is a positive sign which is made out of 2 negative signs where one negative sign is vertical placed because of change (270 degrees rotation)

5 is a pointer to a higher stage where 5 elements "rule the dice"
this is a GooD example

"=" signals 2 negative symbols going together ...
one might see this as going/walking/talking together in order to get the PLUS situation ... which fused another "=" as an aquilibrium of peace ...

9 is the pivotal 6 ... where 6 is the actual state of the 5 elements when we consider the fire element as a twin-element ... so we have 6 children where 2 of them are twins (in chakral world this is known as the marriage of the 3rd eye with the pineal gland - the 6th chakral - internal universe - as a "Shiva-dancing-couple")
NINE is the highest state and is sort of "divine" because each digit summing up to a niner is a numeric nine all the time ...


then we get to the 20=4x5 formulation

here i can be simply and link through ...

and also state here the 4 and 5 in my reference to the ARCHETYPICAL / DNA oriented SUNSEALS of the TZOLKIN, the mayan birth-calendar ...

4: red, white, blue, yellow :: initiate - refine - transform - express

5: input - store - process - output - matrix (=intelligence systemic)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
let us see how nations as notions gather with flags brought in by delegates ;-)>~~~

Where does this all bring us, dear Mrs. Webber?

Well, i propose we might change the center of the rhythm of the world ?

Oops ~ What is That?

The pivot from 4 to 5 ... as the new centerpoint ...
(of el ninõ: nine ~ 9 ~ neuf ~ neun ~ negen)

"Nine Days a Week"

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