KWeeKSpell Adventuring NooSphere

this List started at DS155-Lunatic Snake , LC107-RhythmicUrth => triangel 3K264-Self-Existing SEED (this DS year carrier)

UPDATE MARKER DS189 LC141 4K070 => OC5 => Heart Force Radiating TelePathic Energies to be at Planetary Service

2KINfinders=> DREAMSPELL KIN here ; LONGCOUNT KIN here ; your AGENTs JOB? +! (at the bodymindskill)

The Group KIN travels the 9x13x20 number – Exploring KweekSpell as BetterRef

BREAKBAR 260 520 780 1040 1300 1560 1820 2080 2340

The common number breaks at 2340 - 9x260 :
... in this way every kin becomes a number 9 within about 6,7 years - including the wombcycle this means we have every 6 year-old child as a wisdom orient at potential (here the kweekspell pivots from the ancient "dogma" in DreamSpell Year KAN4; KweekSpell Year DRAGON1 - July 23, 2009)

see the current kweakflag and the walktalk

Legenda: *=GAP ; eg. 783 3AKBAL3 : 3x260+3=783 <= 3 tzolkin cycle add-on















022 IK9*

220 AHAU12

242 IK8

242 0IK8

here the group initiates on 242 : the crystal clear wind as spirit function


003 AKBAL3

200 AHAU5

203 AKBAL8*


We have 445 breaking at 185 as a KIN: the Electric Serpent at Service when it Applies

Melovia =>2009

129 MULUC12


197 CABAN2*

642 2IK5

then 642-520 => 122 services Overtone Wind radiating Spirits Breath - third Essence for the Group as a Whole; NOTE SKY100 & S'ACE022 match into 122


100 AHAU9

41 IMIX2

141 IMIX11

783 3AKBAL3 ')

783-780 gets pretty sync at veroniKa's kin => 003 : that is a match on 4th self-existing entree!
AHAU is now also in the Dreamspell Column - its the Mobilizer at Solar Tone9.
NOTE 003 is feminine spice out of DOOT in the MENU of SEED4 - the running DREAMSPELL CYCLE

Gay Liberty

69 MULUC4*

006 CIMI6

075 MEN10

858 3ETZNAB13

So Gay Liberty bring our pitstop at 858 - 4th cycle at the MIRROR daya - KINdaya in kweekspell revelation (not a mirror but a true mirror ;-) we all are looking forward for her powerpet number 5 in our pretty cabineth ... AHA it shows both a Wolf and a Tree! Powerful!


002 IK2

200 SUN5

202 IK7

1060 4AHAU7

DreamSpell 2nd Seal and Tone combined with SUN5 radiating set attention on 1060 - DreamSpellWise KIN020 in the 5th Tzolkin Cycle counting 4x260 to 29 makes 1040+20=1060 (7). The SUNWIND speaks by having Swans Resonating "the water-ion" - listen to the sound of "S'ONE" ;-)


217 CABAN9

154 IX11

111 CHUEN7

1171 4CHUEN1

Glad to have DreamSpirit in this cabin today - star5 as DSkin / crocodile as dragonpowerpet in the LC - i never saw this very special kin : CHUEN 3K111 is a Resonant Tone - well, to me this is special while it geves 3 and 111 as a trinity too ; then on the cabin as a total kin discovery operation on a wave we fint MONKEY 131 which is the starter of the second half of the tzolkin cycle as a whole. It started the 11th wavespell about 17 days ago ...


116 CIB12

055 MEN3

171 CHUEN2

1342 5IK3

AHA wellCoMe OHm - 3 striking synchronicities in my dreamworld: a) 171+1171=>1342 which seems as poetry; b) OHm is a SOUND in the KWEEK at the Solar Plexus: )))~SILIOHM~((( note here that SILIO is at the HEART at the DREAMSPELL departure station - in K3 (the experience marker) the ARRIVAL station is explored; c) IK3 - Electric Wind becomes the GROUP value - which strikes me because it is the DS~KIN of my ANGLE (born 1920 #29 <= 29 is the "newDaya code in KweekSpell; also +1)

ome Jan

042 IK3

232 EB11

014 IX1

1356 5CIB4

Uncle John is affirmed as Sace's Angel. He illustrated himself by being a PathFinder and a CareTaker. His trinity spell shows WIND - HUMAN - WIZARD and move our CABINspell into CIB4-Self-existing warrior. (i cannot help this spell as as seeing this as a very profound development).
Birthyear Seal of the Year, Destiny Blue Storm (CAUAC) Catalyzes and emphasizes Self-Generation. The seal of the year is the basis of life destiny, with the power of the solar tribe.
4 is the number missing in the 11235 ratio-interval. (it is the mystery number as the open mind-re-set)


006 CIMI6 (IMIXwave)

215 MEN7

221 IMIX13

1577 6CABAN4

Is the UNIQorn a symbol of bliss - dying all the time?
very nice to have this EARTH symbol from both the OPPORTUNITY seal Worldbridger combined with EARTH , the planet that calls for the VISION from the Reaonant EAGLE - absolute force at


090 OC12

042 IK3

131 CHUEN1

1708 6LAMAT8

On entry 11 we introduce a baby - just born human lady Yenn - october 20 is a perfect 2010 sync just 9 days left on the 2009 cycle to bridge for 2010 ... And it is matching entry 9 where DS042 appears and here we have LC042 responding that ... Quit Perfect Organic Flow streaming ...!
This all let in GALACTIC STAR as the GROUPS DESTINY on the F'light Workers SoulSt'ice ... freezinG the New Ions ... into the NooSphere Order ... as L'ords do ...

VirtUall 2009

162 IK6


015 MEN2

1723 6NIGHT7

Because of the ol'years day we take this entity as a new human being in the cabin. Its KIN at 3K is the compound of DS162 and LC113 into 3K015 the challenging vision (The SEER / Eagle seal). Very striking here is that the outcome for the GroupsKIN gets on 163 - which is NEWYEARDAY - KIN Resonant Night ; so here the year change 09/10 manifests in the synchron cabin. NooSphere here we come!

Melovia 2010=>

128 LAMAT13

067 MANIK2

195 MEN13

1918 7ETZNAB7

Melovia ended her 1st SEAL LIFE in 2009 and morphed into 1 KIN "lower gear" having worked lots of Tzolkin Scripts. The moment of birth at 01:00 AM and the orientation counseled her decision. She also guided two LC Prophets into the Cabin.
The Cabin as a Whole c'entered on the RESONANT MIRROR at the Popeular Calendar Change from 09 into 10 (2010). Know here that the MIRROR also is the Light Cutting SWORD.


227 HAND6

173 BEN4

140 AHAU10

2058 7ETZNAB4

A'gain the MIRROR seal pops up on the CABINears meditation space ... as if the SWORD is cutting BOTH SIDES - which of course is the property of the SWORD when cutting - it is as purifying clearance



193 BEN11


2236 8CIB13

So here we have the COSMIC WARRIOR just before we have the 9-cycle ending at 2340? See which KIN is next and whether it fits in the 9x260 or it enters the next cycle where KWEAK is finding its LIFE from the pionearing cabinears. :-)) on a mood ... for a day/kweak/moon/cycle


169 MULUC13

121 IMIX4

030 OC4

2266 8CIMI186

Lead by a small whispering bird i - s'ace - could not resist the try for another "wave" where this Moon7 is psi-born in my kweakheart. We wellcome another entity in our cabin which is the RESONANT MOON - power pet the MONKEY. And it brings us info the Mystery WorldBridger while Kweak defines the self-existing number (as number 13) as a mystery indication "there is some work to do". Take the LKight!?


010 OC10

217 CABAN9

227 MANIK6

153 0BEN10
->2nd cycle

Spencer brings the cabincrew through the 1st cycle of 2340 kin as a whole unifying kweak cycle, so to say - while we cooperate in a pionearing skyship training "pure pose" gathered/transcending/... this timeship Earth.
Planetary Skywalker is the KIN that opens its wielding effects. It is a GAP in the 2nd serial of 10 GAPS. See the TMQ guiding page here

Bolek Polivka

209 MULUC1

146* CIMI3

095 MEN4

248 0LAMAT1

toDay a Great Teacher of S'ace popped up as a "HopeKeeper" and he brings Moon1 as the DreamSpell Kin which actually is the BirthYear Kin of Bolon Ik - the Urane Partner of Pacal Votan : both "Every Woman in You as Every Man in You".
The Group is moved into STAR MAGNETIC which is the 20th wavespell in the Tzolkin Cycle: the elegant finishing touch. It is the tipping left/right wingpoint of KIN252 - EB4 : the Mystery Human Being. As you might know 252 is a 9 number and is a BIRD in KWEAK REVELATION. Each Bird has Wings of 3 KIN and 2 TipPingPoints - always in the same colour: here : 248 and 256 (Solar Warrior). The Tipping points are a dancing harmonic guiding the bird on its Tail the missing 2 Seals from the Colour - here YELLOW - : SEED and SUN.

"Double U"

129 MULUC12


184 KAN2

432 1EB3

Having this former president of the United States in our cab'in~ET gives resp. Crystalizing Universal Water Power ~ Cosmic LifeForce Power ~ Challenging Power Flowering the Future at our FreeWill of the Human Being in Service (Group Force EB3) <
This sets a gGreat Portal for the Orange5 as a Healing Hand as Group Avatar in 4 Days (jan31)

Having this former president of the United States in our cab'in~ET gives resp. Crystalizing Universal Water Power ~ Cosmic LifeForce Power ~ Challenging Power Flowering the Future at our FreeWill of the Human Being in Service (Group Force EB3) <
This sets a gGreat Portal for the Orange5 as a Healing Hand as Group Avatar in 4 Days (jan31)

integral OH5

056 CIB4

257 CABAN10



the OH5-squad communicates from mixedup KIN at a trinity compound from chaos2order'agent.
The details can be found on the CAB'IN in FullFlight with Orange Family.
DreamSpell Mystic :: Warrior Wields a LongCount Planetary Earth Manifest inspired by 3K REED1 sign MagnetiQ SkyWalker who Never Walks Alone : AllOne.
Mystic Serpent returns LifeForce dancing QuetZalCoatls FireDance at WholePeoplesResonance Shifting Awareness on Relational Consciousness.


254 BIB7

199 CAUAC4

193 BEN11

1978 7ETZNAB2

Challenging Mirror shows up when a CAB's Lovers the CAB'IN.
Detail seals Warrior ~ Storm ~ Skywalker spice the Whole System Unity illuminated from our co~operation.
DetailTones 7 4 11 => 22 => 9 NAVIGATION ESSENCE transmitted

Valum Votan

011 CHUEN11


216 CIB8

2194 8IX10

As U see Valum Votan brings the Group Key on Wizard - spice Planetary. This means we have great responsability in the second round as a group at Hand - Thumble One and 4 finegears that justify the wheels turning the elements.
Galactic Warrior is a great spice to have on the 3K cockpit (thXgiving to all angels guiding the advenT"ur). We telepathically prepare the entrance of Res Queen ... ; a Mission "I aM Possible" ... with some glance at God's Comic

Ian Xel

023 AKBAL10

220 AHAU12

243 AKBAL9

097 0CABAN6
->3rd cycle

We had a 220 on the LONGcount at S'ace! So this round doubles the CRYSTAL SUN energy effect within the CAB'IN. And this CAB-vibration is affirmed at the GROUPKIN 097: CABAN6-Rhythmic Equalizer.
IAN XEL's 3K iz SOLAR NIGHT which is a MOBILIZER for the DREAM and the ABUNDANCE SEAL ... (does that fit our idea for what IAN did?)


150 OC7

059 CAUAC7

209 MULUC1

046 1CIMI7

OHm's father passed away and gave his legacy with a laugh. That day is a 3K measure in the Dreamspell adventure. We see Resonant Dog appear in line with Resonant Storm and Resonant WorldBridger at the Groups Galactic Alignment. Looking ::ward to the mission I'M~Possible this iz a perfect vision that vibrates essential factors needed. The Magnetic Moon at 3K guides the whole shift occuring.
NOTE MULUC1 as birthyear for the running Bolon Ik in charge modus.
209 also vibrated 2009 the birthyear for kweak cycles.
2*9 vibrates seal 2 tone 9: BOLON IK at o'22 ;-))



253 BEN6

039 2CAUAC13

Ken brings us into the Cosmic Storm at current DS Overtone Worldbridger. Here how 3K communicates this in a 9 based Tzolkin Mode - basicly honoring the third prime square (3x3=9)

Alan Watts

73 BEN8

14 IX1


117 2CABAN13

Flight into Cosmic Earth as Navigation Imprint from Alan Watts Weavings as a Bird on Feathered Wings respecting al Generations to come ...

Shirley Maclain

096 CIB5



242 2IK8

242! marks S'aces 3K kin242 -Galactic Wind- on the 2nd Tzolkin Cycle which hits the bird at 2322 (the numerical kweakspell covering all kin as a 9bird)
marks this is the 11th day in March; 5th one in Dreamspell; 8th daya in LOVEkweak: URdaya :: see here; be back in 2 daya to see the LIFEkweak format

Olaf Palme

057 CABAN5

248 LAMAT1


027 3MANIK1

We get in the Third Round of Nine Tzolkin Cycles for the Third time , while we already managed 2 x 9 cycles. What is the meaning of this "Lucky Strike"? See how some Magnetic Tones are Hit by Lamat1 - Magnetic Star - and Manik1 - Magnetic Hand - at the Group Vibration.
This all happens on the DreamSpell Cosmic Wizard which prevails Magnetic Eagle - the VisionAir. In this edition i remember mr. Hans van Mierlo - a Dutch Accepted Visionair who was a Vital Entrepreneur in Politics in the Netherlands and the World. He died on March 11, 2010: Spectral Human. To me, S'ace, he was a true Rainbow Fellow considering the aim towards true Democracy with the educational radiance as human destiny to overcome.
I devoted this DreamSpellKin to SkyWoman -DS100- in a cosmic enchanting fuse.


234 IX13

174 IX5

148 LAMAT5*

175 3MEN6

With Becky we proceed at March27, 2010. As we see she is both Wizard in DreamSpell as in LongCount. This happens for KIN between febr29, 1960 and 1964. As YaniQ does at the bottom as EB.
Becky is also closing her 1st Tzolkin Cycle in 2012 at May 2, 52 years and 73 cycles.
Mark the Kweak cycles much faster in 2340 kin making 9 cycles as a much faster pattern to ease life and a whole human race. It educates by the wheel itself inside.
Me, S'ace, personally hope this offer as a participant here will inspire (quantum feeling domain) many kin in their "task".


139 CAUAC9


218 ETZNAB10

133 4BEN3

Queen of Hearts enters the Cab'in 1000 kin before 21-21-2012.
3K-MEN13 brings her in as her Angelic Entity: "Someone I remember as an angel, and who would be a perfect 3rd to the triumvirate, I feel, with the Red Queen and the Mystery Queen, would be Princess Diana, The Queen of Hearts, Kin 139, (July 1, 1961).... And this feels even more right as I have just this morning figured out that my beloved puppy 'Wishes', whom I buried yesterday, and who was also an angel in my life, who was born September 9, 1995, was also Kin 139. So the Queen of Hearts and the Power Pet that shares her Kin, all in One....."


146 CIMI3

094 IX3/p>

240 AHAU6

113 5BEN9*

From the mid column on 133 we as a cab'IN healing force jump into the 6th kweakcycle of the Tzolkin which is marked by 5(BEN9). 5 means 5x260+113=>1413.
Do u all here read that number ?
Read it backwards: 3141 ... isnt that familiar?

How a tragic loss on the 2&3D life we experience. Can we shift that idea having 4-9D at our disposal? Let us share here some words by SKY:

death is her service
some beings do such magnificent things
(not on the world stage as it has been taught),
and without anyone really knowing
how big their gift has been.
Angel Emily ~ Thank you*

RED Queen

192 EB10

136 CIB6

068 LAMAT3

181 5IMIX12

CRYSTAL DRAGON on EASTER1 communicates Quite a Liberation ... -i say- it made us conscious of the SOWERs meaning in every HUman BEinG

may i refer to a kweaking manifest ...

getting lighter all the time ... as a bird ...

THEN - MARK :: i'm not sure on this RED Queen Figures - it iz a little bit a gambling way to wield our field ... s'

Vladimir Putin

072 EB7

010 OC10

082 IK4

003 6AKBAL3

Putin brings the K'INship on 003 - last years DooT => Last DooT = 1st DôME => Daya of Moon experience?
Resonant Human iz a GAP - Galactic Activation Portal ! Can this be true: VladiMIR iz the man in action on the pivoture itself! Iz this related to the tragic Polish Accident last weekend on WIND2? How curious can we humans be in how things develop!? Let us see what his Chinese Partnear on the similar pivoture brings?

Hu Jintao

137 CABAN7

072 EB7

209 MULUC1

212 6EB4

How WorldBridging this can be: Putin is Resonant Human on DreamSpell whereas Hu JinTao is Resonant Human in LongCount. (i'm really curious what TMQ vibrates on this SYNC.).
And then Resonant Earth iz also there in line ...
What about MAGNETIC MOON / 209 (11) in that table! It vibrates 2.9 the Mobilizing Spiritual Seal of WIND9 ~ 22!
Remember HÚ iz similar to SPIRIT ... How can we catalyse the great premise at charge(d worldviews).


029 MULUC3

229 MULUC8

258 AKBAL11

210 7OC1

Michelle sets us on the DOGwave PUR(E)POSE while we have a Cube Nine: PURIFICATION on TMQ !
Her 2 MOON=MULUC(K) signatures work together in quite a merging vorteX. How contributes her PARTNEAR to that?


173 BEN4

113 BEN9

026 CIMI13

236 7CIB2

Barack brings the 7OC1 directly onto the LUNAR "challenging" WARRIOR idea. Elegant StarGazers!
THE 2 SKYWALKER seals work together on this "temple" full of cosmic chemicals and glands igniting ita command from a meditated reservation.
How smart to have the WORLDBRIDGER PRESENCE at 3K!

Aren't we just needing that spice for the s'he-storic pivote? Hmmm ... make some sense - to me "as meYA" ;-))

my Fa(i)ther

025 Chichan5

215 Men7

240 AHAU6

216 8CIB8

"Red Serpent (CHICCHAN) Survives and emphasizes Life-force (instinct)." aligns to the Serpent of Life Lecture i saw this daya ... ref. Drunvalo.
Eagle (vision), Sun (enlightening) & Warrior (giving a stand!) combine a wonderful trinity thought ... ThX DADDY!

My Mother

086 CIMI8


104 KAN13


320=060 AHAU8

My Mother Geertruida Anna brings the group Kin in the next Round ... 4th Cycle of Kweak on this Ships Course as a Voyage ... and we near 060 in the nest wave of REED1 / Skywalker Magnetico (today 48 - Star9)
Thx ma ?Mother for having trust from y'ur spiritground!
END of the TRIP ... many bows ))))))))) (((((((((


136 CIB6

(078 ETZNAB13)

(214 CIB6)


Jeroen is a Local Friend who happens to have mysterious experiences; this is why S'ace invited him to have some work here at the side of YaniQ ... In the KINdata we see how 078 - white cosmic mirror is in sync with the groupkin at the 5th entry. It seems our first warrior seal - so at the entrance every one is sacred by jeroen who brought another white dog in the powerpetcafé as a gallery


52 EB13

(252 EB5)

(044 KAN5)


52 is YaniQ's KIN and she functions as the closer of this list ; then she is also the portal servant to all other KIN welcomed by a uniQversal smile ... (she is s'aces morning crystal monkey)
In the TriAngle column we see how Jeroen & Yaniq form a 258 KINbond which is Spectral Mirror. This is as the Rainbow Bridge where all next KIN will enter and - as we strongly affirm this - are cleansed in the Lounge.

Well this journey started by having dialogue on the DreamSpell and the Kweek - which is a pioneering new frequency for the "week" => it has 9 days as a unity that defines a whole moon by 3 kweek and 1 single griddaya ... This all is explained at a blog here. Questions can be put forward there at the article where it has its place ...
So here the 3 KIN align with 3 ways of how to see through it all. 3 Kweeks radiate 3 sequences of how to travel the bodily highway through the chakra's: resp. Lovekweek - Lifekweek - Voidkweek breath resp. Spiral - Sequence - Blindman (trust).
Start seeing the KIN at the personal stations in this similar way ... Just by refining the own skills you en-deepen the sense at your vocabulary with other human beings - in the mutual exchange (including the listeners mode!. By having this "concerto" we please the noosphere that is a living sphere covering the whole planets interactive interval.
We all are NOWhere and There too ... AHAU <== )))~AHAU~(((

KIN on the bottom side of the list rise to the upper lane when the kin-set is complete ... (know how to operate on that)
Realize we need those KIN at the bottom to catalyze newcomers aboard! this is why i added YaniQ there ... sha has EB13 - Cosmic Human and Crystal Monkey as perfect Stewardess ;-)

Wanna become a co*worshipper on this plane wielding the Prime Creation (aka 2nd Creation) exploring the kweekspell adventure? see for the ning world café! or the alternative you discover?

some white board sketches ...

the Q is also holding a trinity formula that is basiQ feeding "QueekSpell" ;-) s'mile to that!

sorry it is not sharp and thereby getting attention/chi to read it (in fact: image got below 100kb fitting the pretty cabineth)

PowerPets on this Plane ...