Resonant Garden

Initiate Instructions(Left and Right can be Switched!)

Description Leads the Tutor (see Left is Left)

Start By Reading the Most Inner XoX Vibrations (Words)

example UpperLeft - BottomRight - BottomLeft - UpperRight

(So think on XOX as a diagonal torso addressed moving as described here)

Start Your Reading Slowly - Take Time and just Do ths Inner Ring

(By doing this you sharpen your Focus and qualify your discipline not to see for all the stuff at the same time)

Gradually try to address the Thumbs on the Settings you Like

(there is no use for booring you into something without afection)


(later more)

S'ace, world unity & peace education advisor on the mission of Awakening Planetary Consciousness in a call from City Montessori School, Lucknow India - from Holland's "Polder" / "PolterGeistig":

"Since Politics calls the individual for a Quest to its Truth, Good & Beauty "the Field is open" for Do-it-yourself-politicks. Which may have been true in the first place for our representatives - who un/consciously begot the message beyond. In the mean time "we-voters" sanct'us this statusQuo , maby in the first place because knowbody knows anymore how to cope wiht the complexity growing faster than ever.
which calls for an initiative - of 1 maybe more individuals in a parallel & synchorne effort unifing Mans Destiny."