Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume IV (2007/08 – Tzolkin – White Lunar Wizard )

Chapter 13 – Overview of the SEVEN VOLUMES - Volume I – page 256

Volume IV: Book of the Initiation
From the Relative to the Absolute (Spring, 2008)
Consciousness and Harmony: Symbolic Structures and Systems of Knowing

”The penetration of the mystery is what is referred to as the initiation. Book IV, the book of the Initiation, deals with the penetration of the mystery as an exertion and elaboration of consciousness,
which understands the esoteric, internal or intrinsic nature of things.

The initiate is one who knows the mysteries.
The mysteries are actually just the coverings of intrinsic harmonic principles at work in the order of the universe.This creates the possibility of consciousness coming into harmony with matter or the phenominal world.

Any true initiate who has penetrated the mysteries is a being
who has been able to cultivate different states of consciousness
and understand the laws of harmony as reflections of different states of consciousness.“