Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume III (2006/07 – Tzolkin – Red Magnetic Moon )

Chapter 13 – Overview of the SEVEN VOLUMES - Volume I – page 254

Volume III: Book of the MYSTERY
Immanence of the Absolute (Spring, 2007)
Art and Aesthetic Perception: Normative Values of the Universal Mind

“The ultimate mystery is that God is both Transcendent and immanent.
Transcendence represents an upward motion – an ascent.
Immanence represents a downward or inward motion
– downward into the lower planes of existence and inward into the heart of things –
so that God becomes immanent, meaning you actually feel God in everything.
God the absolute transcendent is the God that remains in Eternity,
yet we are talking about One and the same God.

In sentient beings, the immanence of God becomes a self-reflective capacity of that being
to experience himself or herself as the true self or the higher fifth-dimensional self.
The mystery sees the universe, not necessarily as phenomenal,
imaginal or moral, but rather the mystery sees the universe as aesthetic.
As we noted, aesthetic in some ways is a branch of the moral universe
because you have “good” art and “bad” art – but there is an intrinsic aesthetic.
In this sense, the aesthetic is the structure of the Imaginal Universe.
The Universe, understood as the manifestation of an instrinsic aesthetic
is the general broad topic of the volume of the Mystery (Vol.III).”