Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume II (2005/06 – Tzolkin – Yellow Cosmic Seed )

Chapter 13 – Overview of the SEVEN VOLUMES - Volume I – page 254

Volume II: Book of the Avatar
History the relative Pole (Spring, 2006)
History, Cosmic Science, and the Descent of the Divine

“Where there is a throne, there is a higher principle.
In the radion cube, the throne is in the upper plane, and the avatar is in the bottom plane.
The avatar is the descent of the highest to the lowest plane.
If there was not a descent of the highest to the lowest,
then the potential for the redemption of all the manifest effects of the original number seven
could not occur.

… In the destiny where the human being is placed it is that the prophets,
messengers or avatars have to descend to do their work of testing the human beings
to see how well they remember and also to bring through different teachings.
The avatar embodies the teachings and in some ways
performs a more cosmic or cyclic function than the messengers or the prophets.

… Then there is the history of the Fall or the history of the involution of soul into matter.
It is the history and the reflexes and patterns described by Cosmic Science,
as a comprehensive systemation of the functions and processes underlying the new perception of reality.”