Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume I (2004/05 – Tzolkin – Blue Crystal Storm )

Chapter 13 – Overview of the SEVEN VOLUMES - Volume I – page 252

Volume I: Book of the Throne
Cosmos, the Absolute Pole (Spring, 2005)
The Law of Time and Reformulation of the Human Mind

“The throne represents the seventh day of creation when God takes the throne -
this is the origin or genesis of Cosmic History.
The throne is the place where there is a View. It is the place of authority and power.
The ultimate consummation of absolute authority, power and view is summarized as the cosmos itself.

… Through the prophet, God can see.
God sends the prophet to test everyone.
… The function of the prophet, ultimately, is to touch as many people as possible
within the sphere of reality that s/he compasses.

No prophet is really a prophet if his message is less than universal.

… Because the human has the capacity to rule, s/he enters the Moral Universe,
and either you rule well or you do not.”