Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume I (2004/5 – Tzolkin – Crystal Storm Year)

NB. Some quotes in Volume I are spread to all 13 dynamic energycells which decorate the temple (or you prefer to read xylophone, then do!).
Enduring the years 2006 to 2012 the “actual” volume “last” textures are moved to the more right,
resonant part of the stairway as soon as those are replaced by more actual Volume textures …
which then in that particular timecell will fit the context communicated via this site as a medium.

Chapter 3 - the Planetary Human

(Volume I – page 38)

”To the ordinary man who lives upon his waking surface,
ignorant of the self’s depths and vastnesses behind the veil,
his psychological existence is fairly simple.
A small but clamorous company of desires, some imperative intellectual and aestetic cravings,
a few ruling or prominent ideas
amid a great current of unconnected or ill-connected
and mostly trivial thoughts,
a number of more or less imperative vital needs,
alternations of physical health and disease,
a scattered and inconsequent succession of joys and grief’s,
frequent minor disturbances
and vicissitudes and rarer strong searchings and upheavals of mind and body,
and through it all Nature,
partly with the aid of his thought and will, partly without or in spite of it,
arranging these things in some rough practical fashion, some tolerable disorderly order
– this is the material of his existence …. “

in fact i sense glad to live in this era - "scharnier" is the dutch vibration which is not covered by the english "hinge"; direct translation would be a thing as "dab"-"kidneys" - ... In a way this whole possibility to use the boss's time to develop these human innovas into our human new era is real joy ! hope to see more from you and U & U2!