Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume III (2006/7 – Tzolkin – Red Magnetic Moon Year)

Note: Volume III is written in the Red Magnetic Moon year (2006/07)
previous volume textures are put here …
doing a thing and learning by doing how things fit together … 2gether

Chapter 13 – Synthesis – Number 7 - VII

(Volume I – page 240)

SevenStages of the Evolution of Consciousness in the Moral Universe

I absolute oceanic cosciousness

II birth of ego
which gives rise to unconscious and diminishing consciousness

III moral awakening consciousness

IV liberated consciousness

V universal compassionate consciousness - noospheric

VI wise old wizard consciousness
so totally self-transcendent as to appear normal

VII oceanic consciousness
return to galactic source

when we get to the seven,
which is the cube or the cubing of the soul or the squaring of the circle,
this creates the perfection of the human soul.

When the human soul is perfect,
it is because Cosmic History has created the template of the reformulation of the human mind
and knowledge as the pure reflection of the primal chronicle of seven.

As the human mind becomes entrained in this reformulation,
it evolves into the stage of pure fourth-dimensional functioning and knowing,
which liberates it into full realization of its primal origin or primal power.

This primal origin or power is reinforced by the Cosmic History Chronicle as being the power of seven.