Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume II (2005/6 – Tzolkin – Cosmic Seed Year)

Note: Volume II is written in the Cosmic Seed year (2005/06)
previous volume textures are put here …
doing a thing and learning by doing how things fit together … 2gether

Volume I Chapter 6 – Origins and Meaning of Life
What is Cosmic Science?

(Volume I – page 102)

Box “The Holonomic Equation”
”3. Man Transforms Nature – Once the patterns of nature are made intelligibly coherent,
the human interfaces the intelligent perception with the perceived phenomenal reality.
This results in transformation or change.
The history of civilization is the history of humans living in increasingly artificial structures.
This process has become so elaborate that it can no longer sustain itself.This creates a larger transformation.
Humans are massively taking things from the Earth, leaving it scarred.
Transformation of nature by aboriginal man is very minimal.
Now we are at the 13th Baktun.
This is the point when sectarian, parochial, localized cultures, civilizations and dynasties
arouse the final stage of transformation.
Mechanistic, industrial means are so intensive and humans are so morally careless
that nature is thrown into imbalance.