Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume VI (2009/10 – Tzolkin – Yellow Self Existing Seed)

Chapter 13 – Overview of the SEVEN VOLUMES - Volume I – page 257

Volume VI: Book of the Transcedence
Return to the Absolute (Spring, 2010)
Yogic Science and the Universal Religion: Descent and Transcedence of the Absolute

Where there is Manifestation, there is Trancedence

Manifestation represents the ultimate evolution of matter and involution of the soul.

… As we purify ourselves so that our soals can grow,
then we are also evoking a further descent of the divine – divine power and divine order -
this is the meaning of the Mystery of the Stone and the waking up of the BolonTiku.
The BolonTiku represent the descent of the divine order to meet our willingness
to simplify our lives and let our souls ascend.

… The whole theme of the SIXTH RAY is devotion.
… Because of the lack of evolution of the human knowledge of the ego of the soul and spirit,
idealism turns into fanatism or sectanariasm.
… All devotion is shared equally and is understood as being necessary to attain the finam divine reunion with God,
which is the meaning of yoga.
This is why at one level there is a welcoming and necessary study and participation of different spiritual forms,
so you can understand how to unify them all.”