Inspirationrealm Textures
from Volume V (2008/09 – Tzolkin – Blue Electric Storm )

Chapter 13 – Overview of the SEVEN VOLUMES - Volume I – page 256

Volume V: Book of the Timespace
Tollan: Earthly Patterns of the Absolute (Spring, 2009)
Cosmic Culture and the Science of Manifestation: The Quest for Heaven on Earth

”Timespace is the manifestation of, not only the universe,
but also the secondary universe that is created by the intelligence of the human type.
In other words, the universe itself is the matrix of the timespace.
What we are talking about here is the timespace that is manifest by the human intelligence penetrating the laws behind the great natural timespace of nature and then applying them to create what we call “civilization culture.”

This Book of the Timespace (Vol.V) deals with how the human intelligence manifests the scientific, mathematical and aesthetic principles of the harmonics underlying the great nature to be reflected in a second nature,
which is the nature of “civilization”.
Why do we have to create this reflection of the cosmos in the pyramids, temples and different structures like this?

This has to do with science and with vision – for the perfection of form over time implies a goal or ideal, a state arriving at the template of an eternally existing archtypal order – Tollan.

To create the perfect form of a pyramid there has to be science behind it.

Through timespace the human expresses Heaven and Earth :{ the psychical and the physical }: .
The coming cosmic civilization can only be constructed of such principles.
:{ which GGvoter tries by defining GenerationBindingMatrix or GenerationBindingSpirals
(the masculin and feminin approach in 2 different, complementary wor(l)ds) }:”