practice UNIVERSAL ENERGIES in Y'our Resonant Garden::V

a narrative on KALIK by S'ace

Given the numbers shown in a quadrant erection (oops:)
a fifth number may rise from the ones given ...
In this seedling we let us experience the mechanism of summarizing the lower ones.

Given the Quadrant :: (4 fingertops) of 33, 11, 44, 22 (a right clockwise roundabout/wrap) we summarize 22 and 44 to 66.

What pops up on 66 (- 55 - 77)?

... well, 66 = 6x11 and 6+6 is 12 too ...
and ... ???
given 657 the strange equation of 9 to 73 arizes ...
9 points at the 9 Lords of Time
and 73 cycles of 260 frame 52 cycles of 365 (a full year)

looking at the KALIK figure and its vibrations we can see PI: 3.14 trembling in 33 11 44 which leaves 22 ...
22 is both 0 and the FOOL card of TaroT
in the Tzolkin, the Mayan Birth Calendre, Kin22 is the signature of Bolon Ik, the White Solar Wind guiding Earth from Urane through the dark ages of ... (ego? matter?)
:{ add Y our S }:

One may say KALIK facilitates the MOVERS, who take their task in a mission and guide energetic displacements in an effective way serving the relation between WORshippers and FACilitators and entertaining the ORGanizers and GUests. where entertaining is a thing as metamorphose dying Time to a Butterfly of Space.

the story of "the Larch!" ...

"And NOW for something completely DIFFERENT ..."

"The Larch!" (the image of this tree referred shows up)

Is a sketch of the worldfamous team of Monty Pythons Flying Circus

The thing that strikes my flame is the compact red line in a few words ...: The "L" (remember GAMMALL) gives a remarkable twist to the ARCH ...